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Yoke Bar vs Cambered Bar


I was wondering which everyone preferred? I'm looking at buying one to take a bit of stress off my shoulders. Anyone feel one has more carryover to a straight bar squat versus the other?


Gonna go with EFS as I've gotten great quality stuff from there each time.


I have an older ssb and the cambered bar. If I had to buy just one i'd get the yoke bar.


I have a love/hate relationship with my YOKE bar because it's so effing hard to use. A better name for it should be the deadlift bar. (I didn't coin that name BTW, Louis did.) It's like doing a deadlift only you have to squat it up to. The way the bar throws one forward really helps to build the mid to upper back. The quad involvement for me is that same as a regular bar. In fact I'd say maybe even less quads in the movement because due to having to use SOO much back the weight on the YOKE bar is less than a straight bar so maybe I'm "detraining" my quads when using it. IDK
I don't own a cambered bar but I have used them on several occasions and it hits the low back, glutes, quads hard due to the weight being able to pivot on the shoulders. For me it felt a lot like a heavy ass leg press. If you purposely lean forward a little bit the weight gets out in front of you like a yoke bar. If you sit upright you just have to squat it up. Kind of a best of both worlds kind of thing. Did this make sense? The YOKE bar is a great investment. One can arguably do more with the YOKE bar tho. I get in mine backwards and do front squats. I also do lunges and all that stuff. Here's another option for a Canbered bar.

I say get both. If you can only get one IDK I went with the YOKE bar and haven't regretted it. I'd have both bars but I'm into tactical shooting and it takes most of my fun money...hope this helps in your decision.


Thanks for the input guys. I think I'll have to get myself that Yoke bar.


How much do those yoke bars weigh? I noticed they weigh more than a regular bar. I'm not using the one from Elite lifts, but they have that one listed at 82#.


I bought the one from EFS - not the brand new one that is all one piece with no welding but the one with detachable handles - and it weighs 80 lbs with the handles, 75 without.