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Yojimbo1858's 5/3/1 log

Hello there all, this is my first log despite having been on this site for quite a while. I have recently purchased beyond 5/3/1 and have decided to use the BBB 13 week program until I enter my first meet. I am currently deployed in southwest asia and have about 2-3 months left here, I am hoping to compete in Supertraining’s backyard meet in November.

I have been training in powerlifitng for about 2 years now and havent done a meet yet. But, a week ago the base had a pseudo powerlifitng meet, where I placed 2nd. Unfortunately, most lifters on deployments are just gym bros who do bench and arms every single day and the gym here doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.But here are my stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’5"
weight: 170 lbs
Best lifts: 435/250/455=1140(from the “meet”, had more in the tank for squat)
Goals: 500/300/500=1300
Experience: 2 yrs powerlifting/ 10yrs weight training
Past programs: sheiko/mountain dog/S4 conjugate/531 BBB 3 month challenge

Program overview:
wk1: 3x3+ 5x10@50%
wk2: 3x5+ 5x10@50%
wk3: 5/3/1+ 5x10@60%
wk5: 3x3+ 5x10@60%
wk6: 3x5+ 5x10@70%
wk7: 5/3/1+ 5x10@70%
wk8: Deload
wk9: 3x3+ 5x5@80%
wk10: 3x5+ 5x5@80%
wk11: 5/3/1+ 5x3@90%
wk13: 3x3+ 5x3@90%
wk14: 3x5+ 5x1@TM
wk15: 5/3/1+ 5x1@TM

27JULY2013:Wk1-Day1/ Upperbody-Bench press
Did 15-20 min mobility work/stretching. Foam and PVC rolling, PVC pipe dislocates, band pullaparts and stretching, defranco agile8.

Bench: worked up to 180#x3,205x3, 225x4 (225 rep PR)
OH Press: 3 sets of Rest pause/95#x10x10x8
Bent over rows: 135x10, 135x10, 155x10, 185x10(straps), 135x10
Dips supersetted w/ BB curl: 4 sets of rest pause/15+45#x15, 13+45x12, 13+45x10, 10+45x10

*Had alot of shoulder issues in the past, have not done overhead presses in quite a long time. Sets didnt hurt but were difficult and rather slow.

Did mobility work/stretching, and agile 8 as usual.

Squat: worked up to 315#x3, 350x3, 385x4(385 rep PR)
Deadlift: 5x10@225#
standing ab pulldowns: 4x15@135#
reverse hypers: 4x10

30JULY2013: wk1-day2/Upper Body Overhead Press
Mobility work and stretching

OHP:worked up to 195#x1( have not done presses in a while so I decided to see where I was at)
Bench: 3 sets of rest pause/ 135#x22x15x10
One arm BB row: added 25# plates until I hit 5 plates using strapsx10reps, dropped down to 2 platesx25 reps no straps
dips: 1 set of 25

Had somewhere to be that was mandatory, so had to cut my workout short. It was good to train heavy OHPs again, my shoulders were hurting a bit but that shouldnt last too long. The OHP movements are more push-press/jerkpress in nature, so I can gain more explosive strength and handle more weight. Also started doing DB floor presses 4x25 before all workout days, based on a program addition suggestion by Clint darden in efts maw ebook.

1 Aug2013:wk1-day4/lower deadlift
Mobility and stretching

Deadlift: worked up to 315x3, 365x3, 405x4(405 PR)
Squat: 2253x5x10 ( these sucked at the end after making my last set a continuous 10reps)
Pullthroughs: 3x15( never done these before, Iiked how they made my hamstrings feel after high rep squats)
Kneeling ab pulldowns: 4x15x145#
Plate/Hex dumbbell pinch holds for time

3 AUG2013: Wk2-day1/Upper-Bench press
Mobility and stretching

Bench Press: work up to 185x5,205x5, 215x8(215 PR)
Overhead press: 3 sets of rest pause@95#/ x18,x15,x10
Bentover rows: 135x10,135x10, 155x10, 185x10(with straps), 135x20( no straps)
Dips: 4x15

5 AUG2013:Wk2-Day2/Lower-Squat

Mobility and stretching

Cable Pullthroughs: 3x10 ( I like these now for warmups and to stay warm )
Squat: Worked up to 285#x5, 315x5, 365x7.5( 365PR, dumped it halfway up on the 8th)
Pullthrough: 3x10
DL: 5x10@225# (easier than last week)
Ring suspended body-pikes: 3x15( havent done these in a long time, felt pretty good)

Mobility work and stretching
DB floor press: 4x20@25#

OHP: worked up to 125x5,145x5, 165x6( 165#PR, felt like I had some more in me but I dont like pushing it during OHPs)
Bench: Rest pause@135#,x25,x18,x16
1Arm BB rows: 25#x10, 50x10,75x10, 100x10,125x10(straps), 50x20(no straps:
Dips: 4x15

08 AUG2013:Wk2-Day4/Lower-Deadlift

Mobility work and stretching

red Band pullthroughs: 3x10
Deadlift: worked up to 315x5, 345x5, 385x7( #385PR, but all sets felt heavy and slow)
Squat: 5x10@225(felt pretty easy and fast this week) 225+red mini bandsx10(bands didnt add much difficulty), 225+doubled red minisx12-15( felt alot more resistance on this set, it felt good and I did around 15 according to my spotter lol)
Red band pullthroughs: 3x10
Standing ab pulldowns: 4x15w/ pause at bottom@140#

10 AUG2013: Wk3-Day1/Upper-Bench

Mobility and stretching

Bench Press: worked up to 185x5, 205x3, 225x1, 245x1 ( tried for 2 on 245# but I couldnt get the second)
Press: Rest pause @95#x15,12,10,10,12
Bentover Rows: 3x10@95#
Incline DB Press: 40#x15, 45x12, 50x10,50x10
Dips: 3x15
Snatch grip High pullS:4x5@185#

Decided to added some SGHP into my weekly training, my technique started to look better towards the end.

12 AUG2013: Wk3-Day2/Lower-Squat

Mobility work+stretching, band pull throughs

Squat: box squat warm ups working up to free squats w/ 315x5, 365x3, 385x1(just to feel heavy weight) 405x3( 405PR)425x1, reverse band 425x2(doubled red mini bands)
Deadlift: 5x10@285# (deadlifts jumped to 60% this week,definetly felt the difference)
Some red band pullthroughs and foam rolling and that was it. Squats took alot outta me

14 AUG2013: Wk3-Day3/upper-OHP


OHP: worked up to 135x5, 165x3, 185x3(185PR)
Bench: Rest pause 155x15x14x16x15(last with reactive slingshot) weight moved up this week and was more difficult, should have warmed up more
Incline DB bench w/ pause: 2x10@45#, 2x10@50#
One arm BB row: 25#x10, 50x10, 75x10, 100x10(straps)
One arm DB row: 125x10(straps), 150x10,150x8, 100x12



Deadlift: worked up to 335x5, 385x3(felt terrible and slow) 385x1(tried to warm up more with heavy weight before my max set), 405x1, 425x3(425PR, this was a brutal set, tore my right hand open on these and my knees buckled after the last set and slammed the bar into the top of my knee on the way down) 455x1(felt pretty intense after the last set so I went for my max, had to use a strap on my right hand to keep my grip)
Squat: 135x10, 225x10, 245x10,245x10,stopped there because I was hurting pretty bad after deadlifting and my elbow started to bother me badly

20AUG2013: Wk4-Day1/Upper-Bench Deload


DB Bench: 2x10@40#, 2x10@50,
Bench: 2x10@Barweight, 2x10@95#, 2x10@135
2 xSuperset w/ rope pushdowns and bent over rope extensionsx15
Machine dips: 4x20

Chose to take a deload for week 4 because I felt pretty beat up after deadlift day. My right elbow is bothering me alot on pulling movements,I believe it to be medial epicondylitis. I voodoo band floss it twice on workout days, wear a forearm support during training, and try to rehab it. Doing arm work, like machine dips, curls, tricep extensions and such, seem to help it feel better.

22AUG2013:Wk4-Day2//Lower-Squat deload


HighBar Box squat: 135x10,135x10, 185x10, 185x10, 225x5, 225x5, 285x5, 315x3, 315x3
Sumo Deadlift: 135x10, 135x10, 135x10, 225x10, 225x10,225x10

Easy day today, decided to do alternate versions of the main lifts for variety and technique work

26Aug2013: Wk4-Day3//Upper-OHP


OHP:barx10, 95x10, 135x5, 185x3
DB bench w/pause: 4 setsx50x10
SGHP: worked up to 185X3
Chinese pull: worked up to 225x3
Low pull: worked up to 285x3

Decided to try the SGHP/chinese/low pull progression, it was tough but felt decent.

28AUG2013: Wk4-Day4//Lower-deload

Mobility+stretching, and have also been doing compression therapy via voodoo floss before wrokouts

Grappler deadlift(double barbell deadlift: worked with 45’s# for a few set of 10, 70x10, 90x5, 105x1, then pyramid down
Front squat: barx10, 135x10, 185x5, 225x1, 275x1(PR), 315x0,295x1(forced rep), 275x1(easy) pyramid back down

Tried some new stuff today. The grappler deadlift was fairly tough but not bad. First time I have done front squats in about a year or so, wanted to test the waters. Did surprisingly well, hit new pr, and hit below parallel depth as well

30AUG2013: Wk5-Day1//Upper-Bench

Bench: worked up to 185x3,205x3, 225x1, 235x3(forced rep on third)235x3(forced reps on last 2), 235x5(slingshot)
bottom end drive bench: 185x5(slingshot)135x5,135x5,
wide grip paused bench: 135x5, 135x5, 135x5
Incline db: 50x5, 50x5, 50x5
DB row: 60x10, 75x10, 85x10, 100x10(strap), 125x8(strap), 150x8(strap), 100x8, 70x20


Started doing Defranco’s limber 11

deadlift: Did about 10 sets working up to 415x3(felt slow and sloppy)
Squat: 5x10@#250,
Front squat: 225x1, 275x1, 295x1, 315x0(hit good depth and made it up, but stepped back on lockout), 315x1(PR!)
Squat: 225x some paused/breathing squats
ABs: 4x15@#150 pulldowns kneeling

week5-day3/ upper-dynamic bench

limber 11

Dynamic bench: 10x3@ 115+doubled red minis
Incline Bench: 3x10@135
Dip machine: 4x20
rear delt hang swings: 4x15
SGHP: 5,4,3,2,1@225

Decided to drop OHP, it wasn’t feeling too great for my shoulders and I think the extra bench day will bring my lagging bench up