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Yohimbine Questions



when Biotest released MD6 a long time ago with yoimbine, did yohimbine do what it was supposed to, in acting on alpha-2 fat receptor sites or whatever? all the articles ive read so far said it was theoretical. was it eventually shown to be true?

if so, which yohimbe or yohimbe-containing product should i get? GNC yohimbine, Optimum Nutrition Yohimbe 1111, or Lipo 6?

I just wanna get rid of some fat in midsection.


I liked MD6, but I've had significantly better results in eliminating that last bit of abdominal fat with HOT-ROX.

Don't know if this answers your question, but I don't see a point in using Yohimbine any more.

Also, be careful with regular Yohimbie. It has the potential to make you feel like you're going to die. I experienced this after taking Yohimbie Fuel.


I've been wondering about this, too. Anyone know if it helps women with lower-body fat like was mentioned?


thanks, i wish i could get HOT-ROX, but i dont think i can anytime soon, in the middle east.
and i wanna make sure it's localized fat loss, i mean im getting quite thin everywhere else, i dont wanna lose anymore weight from the rest of my body, or not much.. that's why im thinking of yohimbe. and like i said, i cant get my hands on any HOT-ROX.


I don't think it's ever been much of a question as to whether yohimbine is an alpha 2-adrenergic antagonist or not. It is and it's a rather potent one. I also don't think it's as much of a question as to whether it increases lipolysis or not.

The question is whether or not the use of such a compound would lead to an almost "selective" fat loss in those areas of the body which are generally associated with a higher content of alpha 2-adrenergic receptors, and thus are thought to be more "stubborn" when it comes to fat loss. I don't know that this has ever been looked at directly. About the best I could find are the two following abstracts, which would seem to indicate that the answer is "no" but perhaps there is something out there I haven't seen.




thanks Cy!


This is because yohimbie reacts with a certain chemical found in wine, some beers, cheese and some other foods. Also, don't take yohimbe if you're using a MAO-inhibitor. I learned this painful lesson the hard way.


I can testify to that. A couple of years ago I took some Yohimbe, and i thought I was truly going to die. Being the genius that I am, I thought that it was something I ate, and tried it again the next day. Same result.

It might work for some folks - but I just can't take it.