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Yohimbine HCL - Suspension

I previously posted this in the Nutrition forum, but did not get a response. Maybe people in this forum may have more experience suspending substances in solutions or maybe cutting powders with filler to provide feedback.

I bought 3,000 mg Yohimbine HCL powder from a bulk powders vendor. I had not planned on how to cap/ingest it. I’m now looking into how I can dissolve 3000 mgs of yohimbine HCL into 300 ml of solution to create a 10 mg/ml solution. What solvent should I use to avoid degradation? How should it be stored? What kind of shelf life would the end-product have?

I would also be open to cutting the Yohimbine HCL powder with another powder. Any suggestions on what to use as the filler? I would appreciate any guidance on how to ensure that the mixed powder is homogenous.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: