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Yohimbine HCL Powder Dosage?

Hi There,

I recently ordered some Yohimbine HCL Powder and was a bit surprised to
see that the little (they call it “micro”) scoop that is provided (literally the size of
a head of a pin) is 5mg. Does this seem right to any of you? I figured
that 20mg would have a lot more volume than 4 pinheads.

Any thoughts on this matter are appreciated. Thanks!

Yohimbine HCL pills typically come in 2.5mg doses. If you’re taking straight Yohimbine HCL, be sure to look up proper dosages, DO NOT take 20mg!! Start with 2.5 or 5mg, assess and see how you feel, the side effects hit some more than others. SLOWLY increase dosage incrementally, again, do not take 20mg right off the bat. Recommended dosage is weight dependent. Lyle McDonald has some great info out there if you google his yohimbine recommendations.

Thanks… no, I definitely started out small, and assessed how I felt.
It was just that the 5mg seemed like such a small amount that I wanted
to check in. I bought a packet of powder from a well known distributor
and it came with a powder “micro” scoop that they said was 5mg. As I
said, the micro scoop (at 5mg) was about the size of a head of a pin,
and I know that you could probably fit about 40 of these scoops into
a capsule (which people normally take)… so I was just wondering.
Just curious if anyone has actually used the Yohimbine HCL powder
before (with a scoop) and if theirs too was such a small small amount.

Ah, gotcha, sorry for the misunderstanding. I’m not sure about the powder or what’s up with the super small scooper they put in there. I’ve used Yohimbine HCL pills, each in 2.5mg doses so I know the exact amount I’m getting, versus a scoop with powder.