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Yohimbine HCl, Not Yohimbe?

When I drink Spike Shooter I get a noticable increase in my sex drive, which I assume is because of the Yohimbine HCl.

Now I tried out some Yohimbe on its own but only felt a little out of it. Nothing positive about it.

Has anyone tried out both Yohimbine HCl and yohimbe, and gotten good results with the former but not the latter?


Yes, yohimbe is the weak and shitty herb, yohimbine is the standardized extract of the active ingredient.

It seems like theres a mixed review on how people feel when taking Yohimbine hcl and yohimbe. I’m one of the people who feels like shit when I take it. I feel all the symptoms: sleeplessness, anxiety, nauseous, etc. and it feels like its hindering my blood flow, which I know its supposed to help with. My veins don’t show and my member shrivels up (TMI maybe). Whats to be said of the people who feel the negative effects of Yohimbine and Yoh hcl? Bad blood pressure? Heart problems? I’m only 22 and fairly healthy…what gives?

I think a lot of people react bad to both period.

I’m pretty sure I do - I can feel the crummy effects even from drinking too much of a Spike Shooter now, which has some yohimbine hcl.

Yeah I took a Spike Shooter before a basketball game and felt like shit during the game, and the rest of the night. It was awful.

Try the Shotgun, I like it way better.

yohimbe isn’t usually standardized and most people report that it makes them feel shitty probably due to one of the many other alkaloids that are thrown in there. I stick to Yhcl.