Yohimbine HCL and Salbutamol (Albuterol)?

Does anyone know if there is any detrimental affects of stacking Yohimbine HCL and Salbutamol with HMB during fasted training for optimal fat loss? I’m primarily concerned with the Yohimbine and Salbutamol interaction (alpha receptor antagonist with a beta receptor agonist at the same time)

I’m not going to pretend to play doctor so I can only say some very generalized things about putting those together.

Both albuterol and yohimbine can both jack up your heart rate and blood pressure on their own. Combining the two seems questionable to me. I know I wouldn’t.

Albuterol on its own makes my heart race and pound against my chest in a very uncomfortable way.

Some things to take in account would be route of administration and dose too. Even if you told me those things, I lack the knowledge and expertise to tell if it’s a bad or good idea.

Something about Yohimbine to know is that responses to it are very individualistic. It’s also a very ‘dirty’ drug making interactions difficult to predict. By dirty, I mean it has many effects beyond alpha receptor antagonism. It’s also one of those med where the difference between a low and a high dose just isn’t one of magnitude, but of the type of effect it has on the body too.

Albuterol doesn’t seem to affect me to strongly. I take 4mg tabs. I have worked up to 32mg/day before without feeling sides that are very noticable. I’m off of it now and have been taking Ketotifen 1/mg every night.

I’m planning to do a cut soon and thought I might add the Yohimbine. I haven’t used Yohimbine before so I’ll start gradually with that by itself.

I guess my main question is does it make sense to use a alpha receptor antagonist with a beta receptor agonist at the same time?

Thanks for input.

All I can tell you about is one that I’ve seen with yohimbine from Rauwolscine extract which is mostly alpha-2 antagonism combined with Cirsium Oligophyllum extract which is a beta-2 agonist in supplements before. The Cirsium Oligophyllum appears to have mild effect at this receptor.

Keep in mind that alpha antagonism and beta agonism is almost like the opposite of the blood pressure meds clonidine or guanfaine which are alpha-2 agonists and beta blockers for blood pressure granted they block action at beta-1 which are more cardio-selective.

I wouldn’t, but if you’re hell bent on doing it tread with caution. If I was going to do that, I would learn how to take my pulse and blood pressure and learn how to interpret those readings. Or better yet, frequently see a sympathetic doctor who can check up for all those things.

Also, like you said you were going to do, I would try each one out on its own before making any sort of combo.

I hope that your diet is already squeaky clean and that your training routine is appropriate for fat loss already. If not, I would work on that before playing with my body chemistry.

I hear ya. I’m down to about 12% body fat and have hit a bit of a wall with my fat loss, that’s the reason I’m trying to push the envelope a bit. I didn’t realize there was so much blood pressure stuff going on with these two drugs. I think I will take your advice and not stack them. I can just alternate them 2 weeks on and off and that should be sufficient.

Now, I’m wondering if a little T3 supplementation would stack well… oh well, another topic.


Have you posted your diet and routine in one of the forums?

I’ve only rarely prioritized fat loss and aesthetics so there’s a lot of people here on this site that could give you much better critiques.

The only reason I know about blood pressure meds and those others things is because I take clonidine and have taken metoprolol myself and I always like to inform myself about the MOAs, interactions, and related pathways of any drug I’m going to ingest.

It’s not as daunting as it sounds because I’m only trying to learn about a particular thing whereas a doctor has to know a lot about a lot of things. Granted, there’s still some work.

No, I haven’t posted my diet or program on here. I’m actually bran new to this forum. I came here hoping to discuss this current issue and also to discuss some of my recent blood work.

You’ve been helpful and I appreciate it.
It’s kinda interesting how there hasn’t been any other comments, maybe this forum isn’t so active.


mixing beta agonists and alpha antagonists can make some people feel straight up crazy town.

Proceed with caution

I like that term, feeling “crazy town”. It kinda makes me wanna try it… lol.

Seriously, thanks for warning. I probably won’t mix.

This forum doesn’t have much emphasis on drugs, more about nutrition and nutritional supplements.

Your not going to get much info about DMAA, or PEAs, or the next designer amphetamine or stuff like clenbuterol(sp?) or things affecting T3 directly.


My TSH is a bit high (3.1) and would like to find some people who have some expertise in that area.

I read a good article on this website about thyroid stuff so I thought I’d try the forums to see if they can help.

You might have some luck in either the pharma or TRT sections.

There are some people there that know a lot about bloodwork beyond just testosterone levels.