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Yohimbine Equivalent?

Hi everyone :smiley: I was told by an online trainer to take yohimbine but it is banned in Canada…anyone know an equivalent? thanks

Sorry to hear yohimbine is banned where you are, it’s a hell of a fat burner. As far as “equivalents”, I don’t think so, it’s a pretty specific supplement. That being said, what are your goals/what are you using it for? Yohimbine shines in targeting the receptors that help lose very stubborn fat, so unless you’re already really lean trying to get super shredded, I don’t think it’d be necessary. Assuming you’re looking to burn fat/lean out, a proper nutrition and cardio regimen will take priority. If you can share more about your current training/diet/goals it’d be easier to give more specific feedback.

not to encourage you to do something illegal or anything, but you could always just order it from another country…

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@ Rob Stein…yes for a fat burner!! I just started a diet and cardio regime. My mistake is that I’ve been lifting weights but no cardio and eat whatever and it shows…need to be in top form for August and yohimbine was suggested! I have muscle under the fat for sure.
@Yogi1 I would do that for sure…it’s not illegal in Canada just banned and what’s crazy is ephedrine is not banned but I hear yohimbine is better with less side effects. I tried amazon.com instead of .ca and powdercidy but neither will send it…sooooo…if you know how to get it here let me know!! thanks guys :slight_smile:

I think it’s very unlikely that yohimbine in any way compares to ephedrine!

Cool good to know. Reading your post, honestly you won’t notice a difference with yohimbine. If you’re “eating whatever” you really need to get your nutrition in line, and start a cardio regimen. Yohimbine is like icing on the cake, you can easily get to 7-8% body fat without it, just being consistent with your nutrition and cardio. Seriously, I can’t stress enough that you won’t notice any difference with it at this point. Learn how to eat and if you’re serious about losing fat, stick with it until you reach your goal.

Good luck!

Hi Rob…I think I gave you the wrong impression…I’m not “fat” I do have fat on me for sure as well as water weight. I am 16-18 lbs away from my goal weight. By eating “whatever” I don’t mean I ate junk food like chips pop etc my vice was more dark chocolate and red wine which I gave up. I’m on my second week of online personal training with nutrition plan. So I have started cardio and nutrition which will need to be adjusted this coming weekend as I am to hungry early in the day and feeling to full later in the day. I’ve always drank lots of water so 1 gallon is easy for me. So with this knowledge do you still think I don’t need yohimbine? Please respond as I have found a way to get it :slight_smile:

yohimbine is to get rid of stubborn body fat. If you have “16-18lbs to lose” then you don’t have stubborn fat yet, just fat.

Save the yohimbine for further down the line

Hi Yogi 1 thanks for the input. It’s not all fat, being a women we tend to easily carry water weight which I suspect I have about 5 lbs of that. So I was completely honest with my online trainer about where I am and where I want to be. I don’t know why he suggested yohimbine already then? I am also taking L carnitine as well as some suggested vitamins. My cardio right now is right after lifting and the I walk outdoors for any where from .5 to 1 hour every day. I’m also following his meal plan which at times I find difficult to consume 6 meals a day and sometimes only get in 5. With that knowledge do you still think I shouldn’t take it? Thanks in advance.

@Yogi1 summed it up nicely. I would recommend you google around and look at what Yohimbine actually does, it’s meant to target stubborn fat receptors. Additionally, the effects of yohimbine are blunted severely by insulin, meaning it’s best used fasted. I implemented it first thing in the morning, then did an hour of fasted cardio after only a bunch of water, but again that was to get from 7% body fat to 4% body fat. Seriously, you won’t notice a difference with it. I was able to get to 8% without even using it. Fat burners don’t do the majority of the work, they do a very small amount. Stubborn body fat doesn’t mean you have to lose that last “stubborn 10 pounds.” It mean you have a 6 pack already but need more definition in your lower abs, type of thing. You seem really hell bent on taking it. Just telling you from experience, you won’t notice a difference with it at your current level. Stick to your diet and training consistently for the results you want. If you start to see your abs and want to take it to the next level, think about implementing it for fasted cardio in the morning.

This guy Stein is the modern day Clarence Bass. Whatever advice he gives bank it. It’s only a matter of time until he will be charging big bucks for his wisdom!!

Returning to the point, I’ve limited experience with Y as it’s hard to source decent stuff in the UK. I do believe a good quality green tea extract is worth taking because it is linked to numerous health benefits as well as fat loss. You’re already on l-carntine, which is also good. I wouldn’t sweat the 6 meals a day thing either. You can easily get your macros in with 5 so don’t stress. If you genuinely feel you’re not progressing then post your diet and routine here but be aware it will get picked apart by folks (of which I’m one).

@ Yogi 1 thanks for the advice, I’m not hell bound on taking or paying for something that’s not going to help me! down the road I will when I’m ready, just seeking advice since I was told to take it. I’m actually glad I’m not. On a positive note I’ve been working hard and down 4.5 lbs in 11 days which I think is a health rate, no muscle has been lost either :slight_smile:

At JamesBrawn :slight_smile: I am seeing some progress and I as soon as I get a chance I’ll post my diet and routine and pick away!! that would make me really happy. Seeking knowledge to improve myself is why I’m here :smiley: thank you everyone!!

sounds like you’re doing great so far! Just to clarify: I am not anti-fat burners by any stretch, but you need to be smart about implementing them.

If you go all out throwing every fat loss trick in your arsenal right from the beginning, you’ve nothing else to add when progress slows (and it will slow).

Hi just an update :smiley: things are going well with just diet and adding cardio to my workouts!! Steady goes it. Feeling good and losing inches. I’m guessing 8 lbs left but I’ll go by inches instead of actual weight loss. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice :slight_smile: