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Yohimbine Down Under

Are there any “Aussies” (or anyone)out there, with suggestions on getting Yohimbine in OZ?(like ephedrine, it’s also a prohibited import here). I’m trying to put together a stack, as similar to the “Revised ECA Stack” as possible(got the L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Ephedrine), but i want to get some Yohimbine and maybe some guggul. Thanks.

Only ever heard of one supplement of Yohimbe here in OZ (Don’t know name or price). One of my gym buds found it in a health-food store in Brisbane city, and the dosage in each tab was rediculously low, so he didn’t bother forking out the money for it. I have no idea when it’ll be legalised here, but I expect it will be pretty soon. Fingers crossed. Cheers, Mark.