Yohimbine cream?

Whats the difference between Yohimbine cream (which you apply to the skin), and the oral version? Is one absorbed more effectively than the other? Thanx.

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I think you should put yohimbine cream on your nuts. Tell us what happens. Be careful the tremendous super-boner that last for 3-4 hours straight. It’s junk my friendly Diesel-be-flamed.

id rather put extra stength icy hot on my nuts than yohimbe. gimme a break i think we all know how strong icy hot is, duh.

Is Diesel and Neilg living in the same one-bedroom apartment by any chance?

Christian Thibaudeau used a topical yohimbe formula in his transformation, see “The Beast Evolves” in search. I believe he said that he wasn’t sure if that contributed to his shreddedness. He used it on his abs, but let us know how it goes if you put it on your junk.

I put icy hot on my leg once and forgot to wash my hands and just went to bed. While in bed, I scratched my nuts. Holy shit. I’ve never felt a weird-ass pain like that before.

Poliquin has/recommends a cream. At $70/bottle, I’ll sure as hell never try it.

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Aside from all burning Poliquin has suffered lately, I still respected his advice. Apparently now he’s STRONGLY advocating yohimbine topical cream, which he conveniently sells for only 82.00 dollars for a 5.4 oz container. Again, Im not big on some supplements as I do not waste what little money I have money on things other than food and gas.

jwright, ok it felt weird and was painful, but did you get a fat boner???

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Do a search on Yohimbe on T-mag. There are some dosing recommendations based on weight for TwinLab’s standardized Yohimbe Fuel.

Oral and topical are both effective and perform as advertised (unlike a LOT of the supplments I’ve tried). They just do what they do in different ways.

The topical version is best used as a finishing tool, meaning for women below 18% and men below 10%. It’s great for SMALL amounts of cellulite or love handles.

The oral version is a particularly useful tool for women who tend to lean out upper body when dieting but who can’t seem to lose BF lower body because of A2 receptors on the fat cells. Its effects are subtle but cummulatively profound. It takes about two months to start seeing a difference.

Yohimbe is best NOT combined with ephedra, if you prefer to err on the side of cardiovascular caution.

Yohimbe only works in conjunction with a low-carb diet. Yohimbe is a fat MOBILIZER, not a thermogenic. If you mobilize fat and then spike insulin, you’re only going to re-store the fat you mobilized.

I’ve used and like LipoDerm-Y’s product, not anywhere near as expensive as the price you quoted.

That’s EXACTLY the information I was looking for Terry. Thank you very much.

As for others - next time you dont know something dont fuckin respond like a damn jackass, for fuck’s sake.

Naw man, it burned like a mofo. I ran into the shower and tried to get it off as quick as I could.

I also did that with Nair. Ouch. Bad mistake.

Hi Terry,

Is there another yohimbine cream product you can recommend for us Canadians.

Lipoderm-Y is not available in the Great White North.

diesel no disrespect meant i was chiming in on the yohimbe on the sack thing not really on your question. as you may know i was listed on the top 5 porn list. i have a reputation to uphold.

if you want my honest opinion on topical creams i will say i think they are ineffective simply because i havent seen enough evidence to the contrary. although i do respect tc’s and tampa’s opinions.

Oral yohimbine HCl dosing – 0.2mg/kg TBW with 200mg caffeine taken 45 minutes prior to fasted-state morning cardio. Make sure your first meal post cardio is devoid of carbs as yohimbine is very pro-insulinemic.

However, it can seem to make you hold a bit of water, but that’s just temporary.

And I disagree that it would take a couple months to notice.

I would combine it with an EC stack, although I would lower the E, as to not cause the bad side effects Yohimbine has when combined with a lot of Ephedrine.
That is one useful stack for fat loss, as I’ve used it time and time before on various clients. (Mainly females)
People with a more proportional fat storage, who doesnt have ‘problem areas’ would do better on an higher E +C.
Yohimbine is an Alpha-2 andrenergic antagonist, so it effects fat-loss at the fat tissues which contains more Alpha-2 receptors. (Women - ass and legs)
Ephedrine is a Beta andrenergic agonist those effecting the Beta receptors.
It was found though, that combined with Ephedrine, it can cause some serious cardiac problems. If you have any, stay away. If not, and you are not prone to, either, reduce Ephedrine and you should be ok.
The dosage Thunder suggested is OK. Make sure you use pure Yohimbine, not yohimbine bark. (Which would give you 3-5 % pure Y)
DIVIDE up your dosage for 4-5 times a day.
The response to Y, as with all stimulants, varies from individual to individual. Some love it, some dont.

BTW, There was a study done on Y-cream. No effects were found on thighs or systemically.

Hope this is helpful to you.