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Experiences with taking Yohimbe anybody??

Just purchased some and starting taking it yesterday. I'm cycling it with fat burners :slightly_smiling:



Nothing positive. Used it and didnt notice to much.

Oh and it is said not to mix it with ephedrin or ephedra as they both stimulet the same area and it can lead to dangerous levels. HR etc..

Sorry about to crash here so I am reaching for words.

Let us know how it goes.


I've tried it. It seemed to make me much warmer, possible fat burning?. Although, I would be careful. For some reason yohimbe makes me very dizzy and disoriented- almost like I am drunk. I guess to see if it works you'll just have to try it.


Yes it does work well, but a few tips:

  1. Use it when your insulin levels are low, and eat some oil (fish/flax oil) or meat with it, which keeps it from exiting your plumbing too soon to do its job.

  2. The earlier posts were correct; definitely don't use it along with ephedrine. One thing that works really well is cycling between the two (take ephedrine a couple of weeks, then yohimbe), as they work on different receptors.

  3. Don't take it for at least 6-8 hours before you get to bed, or you'll never get to sleep. Also be sure to have the KY handy; you'll get boners that will NOT go away until you do something about them.


I'm cycling it with a type of thermogenic. As for not taking it before bed... it says on the bottle to take it once during the day and again an hour before bed.... seems fine to me so far.
What I'm taking is 9% Yohimbine if anybody is wondering.
As for boners..... I'm a female so I'm not so sure that'll be happening :wink:


I tried it a couple of times & found that it dramitically spiked my blood pressure. Use with caution.


First avoid the bark. It is terrible stuff, very harsh on the stomach.

Yohimbine was used by Biotest in their MD6 along with ephedra. It was supposed to release fat for use, but if you don't burn it, it will just be stored as fat again.


Try stacking it with Alpha Male. The boners will happen. (Even for you). :wink:


I believe that the bark is all that's available over the counter, isn't it? I think you would need a prescription for pure yohimbine.


Pure yohimbine is available OTC in 5mg or less caps, or in bulk. Just google for it.



If been searching and searching and have only found it in 2.5 mg caps. Any idea where I could find 5 mg caps? Thanks.


I think I'll pass lol....


Made me very hot.Uncomfortably hot.Noticed no difference during workouts or as a fat burner.


You cannot get it in 5mg caps over the counter, only 2.5mg caps. Just take wo at a time. I have used the kilosports.com brand which is very good.

Mike Mahler


Thanks Mike. I've heard that around 20 mg/day is appropriate. Do you concur?


I think that 15mg is about the most you would want to take in a day. Basically 5mg 3x a day. Ease up to that amount. Start with 5mg a day for 5 days, then go up to 10 mg total a day for 5 days etc. Cycle off for at least a week for every 8 weeks on.

Mike Mahler


Seriously, does this stuff give you wood? Not that I actually need it per say, but i'd much rather walk around with a boner all day than not.



Thanks Mike. I'll follow that protocol.

Any insight into Vegita's question too? (Not that I'm really concerned about that, or anything . . .).


I'm pretty sure it does. I went to a sex store to look for competitn shoes and spotted a bottle of Yohimbe lotion for men! Plus my bf said that it does that, hes taken it before.


It has certain aphrodesiac-like qualities but it definitely raised my blood pressure. I'm in my 40's and won't touch it with a ten foot pole because of that.

Also: the first day you take it, because the receptors aren't warmed up, it will make you almost "high". The first time I took it, I almost thought I was going to pass out. I took it a few more times and then gave up on it after I noticed the blood pressure spike...