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hi. Im new here. I have got one quick question 4u guys: Have you ever tried yohimbe for dieting? results? Is it tru that it burns more fat on my problem areas because of the 2-alfareceptors? What kind og yohimbe do you recomend and what dosages for a 200ibs old bastard? Thank you

Try TwinLabs Yohimbe Fuel , then hit the search engine for more info. I think its issue
#62 that breaks down the amount for individual by weight. Had this same question a while back
hope this helps . Good luck

ok thank you… ill seach…

what i would like to do is start supplementing yohimbe with 5-HTP, to get rid of those cravings from the days i don’t take MD6, and to keep a little bit of hope in me to loose fat from the yohimbe. i take 6 MD6 a day for 6 days, and one day off… even though i’m taking a day off, i still seem to be building an immunity to the effedrine.