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Yohimbe, This substance has been around for a few years and certainly has its place among effective lipolytic agents. An alpha-2 antagonist, it binds to alpha-2 receptors and essentially allows lipids to be mobilized from adipocytes that normally wouldn’t be released very easily. Alpha-2 receptors are basically responsible for those “problem areas” of fat storage, like the obliques in men and lower body in women. Yohimbine could help target those areas. It has a good amount of research behind it, so it’s not just a theoretical notion.
Is all of this true??

All of that is true from what Ive read. The only problem I have with Yohimbe is that I cannot workout after taking it. I get this weird almost winded feeling after a few reps of anything. Ive tried lower dosages different brands it all does the same. Plus It makes me horny as fuck. You should feel the orgasm you get after taking a yohimbe pill, HOLY SHIT.

Yohimbe is the king for love handles,hip and thigh area.I actually recommend ladies use it instead of ephedrine.As far as fat loss goes,think of yohimbe for the stomach area and ephedrine for the extremities.Ive only had success with “yohimbe fuel”.Hope this helps.

thanks. ill try it…

In the “Ultimate Diet Pill” article the authors mentioned that Yohimbine HCL could be purchased over the counter in amounts less than 3 milligrams per tab. Does anyone know where I could get some Yohimbine in that amount?

supplementdirect has 5mg Yohimbine tabs, its also in MD6. Good luck – outlaw

Does anyone knows if taking yohimbe fuel along with a thermogenic fat burner like hydroxy cut ,xanadrine etc… safe and or effective or is it a bad idea ?

what is this hcl you`re talking about?

Yohimbine hydrochloride (HCL), the real deal. Most OTC yohimbe products use the bark extract, which in most cases isn’t even close despite a high listed mg. amount. Most of this is inactive. Like WS said, TL’s Yohimbe Fuel is about the only one that’s decent. Personally I would use the real stuff…if you look around on the web or use MD-6 it isn’t that hard to find.

Yohimbe only works in the absence of carbs. Because of this Lyle McDonald has recomended taking your daily dose w/ caffeine (NO EPHEDRINE) in the am 30min before empty stomach cardio. The dosage recomended is .2mg/kg of body weight. Twinlab Yohimbe fuel is the only brand I have heard recomended as well.

Since you asked, anabolic fitness sells yohimbine HCL in larger amounts, and also sells one of the only two topical yohimbine-based products I’ve actually heard GOOD reviews of…in fact, from nearly 100% of its users. But I haven’t used it myself.