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I am wondering if anyone can help me with this problem I have? I have been dieting for some time now and would like to destroy the rest of my fat on my stomach. I heard about Yohimbe through a friend of mine and he suggested that I use it with cardio in the morning. Is this the best time or should I take it before a weights. What should I take with it and when. Also what type of meal should I have following my workout, if any???


You really need to take advantage of the search feature here, but I’ll save you a little trouble. Yohimbe’s effects on fat cells is apparently diminished in the presence of insulin, so you might keep it away from carb meals. (You are doing Massive Eating, right! ;-)) Yohimbe also causes a release of catecholamines (sp?) which hype you up, so you definitely don’t want to take it late in the day. I also find yohimbe tends to make me edgy and break out in a swear, so I spread out my doses. It also mildly upsets my stomach if I don’t have some food with it. I don’t recall the recommended dosage, but it was something like .2mg yohimbine per kg bodyweight, so I use about 20mg. (Yohimbe is not the same as yohimbine, so you need to calculate the effective dose of yohimbine based on the concentration in your yohimbe). As for postwork out meal, you really need to read everything you can by Berardi. Read the postworkout articles he’s written. I believe Solving the Postwork Puzzle is title of the article to start with.