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Have questions in regards to yohimbe.
A brother gave me a bottle of twinlab powerman
he claimed it would help me lose some weight on my “love handles” I check with the t-mag search but didn’t find any info,in regards to liquid yohimbe for fat loss. The bottle states for night time use and for sexual endurance now that I can always use, (you can never take too long IMO) but for fat loss is it feasible ? Can I take it before an early morning workout? During the course of the day ? Is it thermogenic ? I’m a 39 year old male. Any help or info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Yohimbe has been shown to turn off alpha-2 adrenoreceptors, which store fat. Men have them in large quantities in the obliqiques, so, yes, your friend may be right if you combine your yohiumbe supplementation with the right diet, and a good fat burner. Incidently, MD6 has yohimbe in it for just that purpose. I don’t know whether taking the twinlab supplement along with MD6 would increase the effectiveness of the yohimbine extract, as there may be a limit to how much your body can use at one time. Hope that helped.

Yohimbe tends to increase blood flow to the lower extremeties. This can help some people who tend toward fat storage in the hips and thighs (women, mainly) lose fat in those areas. A side effect has been increased sexual stimulation, due to the increased blood flow. It is not a thermogenic.

BTS, issue 62 - Tim Pattersons ‘theory’. Some people feel really awful when taking yohimbe on an empty stomach. You’ll just have to try. And yohimbe for night time use… wonder how that works.