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Yohimbe vs Yohimbine

Can anyone who has used both Yohimbe and Yohimbine explain the difference between the two in terms of how you react to them? Thanks

Yohimbe is an herb which contains inconsistent
and usually dubious amounts of the active
ingredient yohimbine, and also various other
yohimboids which can be undesirable. Yohimbine is the purified substance.

Hey Bill, is it safe to assume that product labels that read “X amount of Yohimbe standardized for X amount of Yohimbine” are accurate in their depiction of how much active ingredient you are actually ingesting? Also, does the same go for ephedra/ephedrine? I know that most reputable companies’ products are probably okay, but have there been any studies done on this? If you can spare the time, I’d appreciate a point in the right direction. Thanks!

Like Bill said. Yohimbe may cause upset stomach yet yohimbine won’t. There are alot of crappy versions out there, so don’t just pick up any Yohimbe Fuel.

Unfortunately, the claims of standardization
on herbal products often does not mean much.

For example, I consider Twinlab to be one
of the best companies out there. If I need
something not made by Biotest, usually
I’ll grab a Twinlab product first. However,
a while back some scientists studied
herbal ephedra products for product potency,
consistency, and amounts of other isomers
and cogeners and found that all of them,
including Twinlab’s product, failed miserably
in consistently meeting label claim.

I am not saying that Twinlab’s current stuff
must have this problem, because this was
probably 3 years ago. But it is typical,
and I use this example because it is one
of the best companies – others are worse
for sure!

Most companies do not really test every
batch and the “standardization,” though one
would think it ought to apply to each individual batch, and with a sampling
of many capsules, apparently
does not.

I’m sure there are other companies that do
test every batch separately for amount
and uniformity capsule-to-capsule, but Biotest is
the only one that I specifically know does
so. It does add cost.