Yohimbe (md6) question for BIll Roberts

Bill, just a quick one for ya. The yohimbe in MD6 turns off the alpha-2s, which should help lose oblique fat. My question is, if I took a yohimbe supplement in addition to MD6, would if increase the effect? If so, would it increase it enough to make it worth the extra money? This is just a little problem I’m having, since I’m ripped up in the midsection, but I seem to suffer from Chronic Love-Handular Fatitude (that’s a technical term) and I’m only 20. A problem that needs solving

MD6 has an adequate amount of Yohimbe in it already.

I know it contains a fair amount, but that still doesn’t answer the question of whether more would increase the effect. I know some of it is partially genetic, and it’s still going to take time, but these love handles just need ta go like yesterday. I just want to know if a separate yohimbine source would increase the amount of fat lost in my obliques, or if there’s a limit to how much the body can use; that limit being the amount already in a standard 6cap/day dose of MD6.

that’s a good point… i went home for lunch to look at my md6 bottle, and that does seem to be a little on the light side for yohimbe. i hope someone else replies that can give us a good idea on how much is a good amount.

BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL!!! Mixing yohimbe w/ NORephidrine isn’t as dangerous as mixing yohimbe with Ephedra. It raises your heart rat quiet a bit if too much yohimbe is present w/ ephedra, that’s probably why Biotest went a little conservative on the dosing. In the 2nd paper edition of testosterone Bill Roberts said he had a bad scare with the combo and had to cut a workout short from heart rate problems, he said 5 mg yohimbe w/ 25 mg ephidrine worked well for him, but your not him, so just be careful and work your way up slowly and don’t be scared to cut a workout short if problems arise, I had to once because of this and I’m glad I did.

thanks clint !

Clint, thanks for the tip. If I give it a shot, I’ll probably only take half of the yohimbe dosage, and only with my doses of MD6 that are furthest from my workout. Generally, it’ll be after, which I’m assuming is the safest bet either way. I appreciate the help.

Curious, anyone ever tried a higher dosage of yohimbe/bine with straight caffine and no ephedra or pseudoephedrine? I kinda remember Lyle McDonald recommending it for the ol’ handles. I have the same love handle problem. I may try this later. Just got done with 8 weeks of Meltdown Training & T-dawg diet-it got me near 10% bodyfat-can see the outline of my abs but it did not obliterate my obliques.