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Yohimbe+mag-10 on Cheaters diet

I am about to start cheaters diet, is there a reason I should not use Yohimbe with mag-10?, also the bottle says 2% Yohimbine HPLC, 6% alkaloids per 300mg, what dosage to use?.

One 900mg spread over 3 doses per day would yield 18mg of Yohimbine HCL, which is the same amount contained in 6 caps of MD6.

What approach will you be using with the diet? All out cheats or extended carb refeeds?


I am 5’8/195/12%bf, so extended carb refeeds for a while. Also I only bought 1 mag-10 bottle that means I can do only one cycle. Would it be beneficial to get couple of mag10+myostat specials from biotest or it better to get the 3 mag10 special from DPS, for about the same price?. Also I still have 1 methoxy, and 6 tribex/M to use once I come of mag10. Sounds alright?

I’d go with the Mag10 as Myostat isn’t really going to provide much benefit during this time. Just be sure to use the updated protcol that I have been posting on the forum for the carb refeeds (not the one in the article).