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Yohimbe before bed?

Hey everyone.
During the day I use ripped fuel as i going through about the 8th week of my cutting cycle, but things are getting kind of slow, moving, but slow. It is too be expected, I know, but I was wondering if one capsule of Yohimbe Fuel 60 minutes before bed would keep me on the walls all nite. I am using Yohimbe Fuel which i believe is standardized for 8 mg yohimbe. The directions say take one capsule 60 minutes before bed, but it seemed a bit odd to me,and i just wanted to check it out. Thanks alot.


Alex; yes, that should be fine. Yohimbe isn’t a stimulant, so it really shouldn’t have an effect on getting to sleep. Before bed is fine. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot trev!

I just got finished taken yohimbe fuel for 3 weeks. I don’t know if I would take it right before bed though. I think yohimbe is a mild stimulant and it does raise your heart rate up a little. You can defintely feel it and it might make it harder to go to sleep. You might have to try it out for yourself though.