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Yohimbe and Nausea

Has anyone experienced extreme nausea after taking yohimbe? Yesterday morning I tried yohimbe (9mg yohimbine per dose twice a day)and about an hour after taking the stuff I was kneeling in front of the commode puking my guts out. I felt like crap all day - didn’t train, didn’t even go to work.

I’m taking Mag-10, and am on the T-Dawg dietand am beginning the 3rd week of meltdown training. I am also on the ephedra/caffiene/aspirin stack as well. I read that yohimbe/ephedra were somewhat synergistic when it came to thermogenisis so I thought it would help me lose some of my winter rind a little quicker.

I was just wondering if there was anyone else that had a similar experience with yohimbe. Or, if someone might be able to postulate as to why I might have gotten so sick, I’d sure like to know.


I have never heard of someone taking that much Y-HCL at one time. You’d be better off splitting 2x9mg into 4x4.5mg in my opinion.

Derek, the thing we don’t know is if he’s taking the HCl version or Yohimbe.

Raincoat, if you’re taking the latter (i.e. Yohimbe), then your response might be due to that. Let me expand. The alkaloid yohimbine is the one from the herb yohimbe that is potent for fat loss. Other alkaloids, that are also present in the herb, might have very different or adverse effects that are not known for certain.

Therefore, I would always recommend using the HCl version of yohimbine. That way, you know for certain how much you’re getting and that there’s no other junk in there.