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Yogurt Recipe

This is a yogurt recipe I use post-workout that I think tastes like candy, so I thought I would share it.

1-2 cups FF strawberry yogurt
1 cup FF strawberry-apple granola (trader joe’s)
1 sliced banana

gives about 112-148 carbs, 11-14 fiber, 17-26 protein.

I usually have a protein shake as well but you could mix in some strawberry or vanilla Grow!. Banana flavored protein also goes well.

Just last night I mixed some Strawberry Low-Carb Grow! with plain yogurt and it was effin awesome.

I prefer to use plain yogurt since it doesn’t have all the sugar and added crap that the flavored yogurts do, but the taste has always been lacking. Problem solved… I have a new diet staple.

Yeah I would usually agree about yogurt but the ff strawberry I get from whole foods has 3 fiber per serving and I only eat it post-workout. I just love it!