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Yogurt & Protein Powder

Ok, this combination always ends up terrible for me. It’s always lumpy or gritty or both. The flavor comes out weird.

How do you do it? Is there a ratio of yoghurt to PP I’m missing? If I need a blender, I’d rather just have these separately.

I do it all the time. A scoop of PP to a cup or cup and a half Greek yogurt and a tbsp of PB.

You just have to be patient stirring it all in together. Stir twice as long.

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Do you use greek yogurt? I don’t have those issues with it.

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Why bother? I eat Cabot low fat yogurt before bed each night. It’s 22g of protein in each serving, I have well over two, so that’s 50g+ of protein. I add in granola, blueberries, and raspberries and it’s great. If you’re really set on having both why not just drink the protein shake with the yogurt or after? Not sure why you’d even do what you’re doing.

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I can mix a big batch of yogurt and have it ready to eat for a few days, vs having to make a shake and clean the container every single time.

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Right but again, given the protein content of good yogurt, what advantage does the shake have? I’m lazy so I order the bottled muscle milk and never clean anything.

It is faster to consume and requires no spoon. I don’t drink a lot of shakes though. I prefer mixing powder with yogurt or in a bowl with milk and cereal.

Yes, Greek yoghurt. Maybe it’s the protein I’ve used…

I use one of those Hamilton Beach mixers. It does a great job. Love strawberry yogurt/chocolate powder shakes.

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