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Yogurt Causing Stomach Upsets?


A few days ago, I started the habit of eating a cup of yogurt daily and ever since, I've noticed I get a little bit "upset" in the stomach and having to go to the toilet a bit. Nothing major, it comes and goes, but its still quite annoying.

This is not the "gassy" farty bloat from drinking excessive amounts of milk I would get before, just a bit of stomach rumbling and a need to go to the toilet.

Do I just have some crazy intolerance to yogurt, or can I write this off as the "good bacteria" cleaning out my digestive tract :smiley: (or maybe something else causing this?)

BTW, this is not low fat suggary yogurt, only ingredients being skim milk, gelatine, and cultures.


Lactose intolerance.

If I am allowed a little racial profiling. If you are an Asian (with a screen name like Mr Kobayashi, it's a safe bet) then you have a %90 chance of having lactose intolerance*.

%90 based off of every Google search result.


I don't know the answer to your question, but seriously, when I eat yogurt, I noticed my farts stink something fierce and my crap stinks worse and I will get bloated and gassy too...I avoid it even though I know how good it's supposed to be for you...

now milk, I can eat all day long without a problem at all.


Hahaha yeah man you're right, I'm Asian and yeah I know that Asians have a tendency towards lactose intolerance because of the simple fact dairy was not traditionally part of the Asian diet.

Milk is the one that causes most gassy problems for me but since yogurt doesn't make me "gassy" as such, I thought this was due to some digestive tract cleaning.

I guess I might have to cut down on the yogurt intake, but the funny thing is, I eat a cup of cottage cheese daily without significant problems, it just seems that milk causes the "gassyiness" and yogurt the "tummy rumbling".

Man with me its the other way around, milk is the fart master extreme while yogurt is ok-ish. :smiley: Hmmm... would you rather be able to eat milk or yogurt? :smiley:


You're right.So....thats why so many asian people eat soy.Lol.