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yogurt and protein


Does anyone here mix their protein powder with whole milk yogurt? I tried the cottage cheese method and it just wasn't pleasing at all. However I tried yogurt instead and it's great.


From everything I've seen Yogurt is mostly carbs with some protien, where Cottage cheese is the opposite so they would have different uses. I havent noticed much change to the taste of my shakes with cottage cheese in it.


i do cottage cheest and yoghurt and maybe some granola for a P+C meal, tastes great. As for protein powder, i take it w/ water or milk and if i eat anything with it its on the side (unless i pour my shake into my oatmeal)


I am not trying to hyjack here,but Jreves: try cottage cheese+Hood chocolate low carb milk+ice and water for a shake...its great!!!


If you make the yogurt yourself the carb/protein ratio is like 1.2/1. I just add a little protein powder for a solid breakfast.



if your just trying to improve the flavor of your protein.. i don't see the harm in adding it to yogurt.

if something tastes like crap.. you'll be less likely to choke it down ..

my 2cents