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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


Yeah but I don’t have the time to boil carcasses for 24 hours, and apparently for good broth you need to boil the feet!


I am off, but I don’t use oral steroids anyway so I don’t think that has contributed.

Orals do fuck with my stomach so I know to avoid them. They reduce my appetite to zero! I don’t know how they do it but I’m pretty sure it can’t be good for you.


haha this quote has made my morning Yogi1. I can see you now competing with the crack whores for business, turning tricks for broth.


Haha! I’m not quite at the stage where I’m sucking dick for broth but at the rate I’m drinking the shit it’s probably not far off.



Pressure cooker allows me to make broth in 30-45 mins. No smell in the house either. Stuff is solid gelatin in the fridge.

just throwing it out there for ya.


Hmmm, yeah I guess that would make it easier…


It’s so easy, my wife now makes the stock from our rotisserie chicken carcasses. I freeze them until we have a few saved up, then she cooks them. It is one of about 5 things she does in the kitchen; my wife is “culinarily-challenged”. If you are actually spending $200/month on broth, the pressure cooker will pay for itself in 2 weeks.


I like this thread. You’ve invited us to put our own nonsense in too so I’ll give it a go.

My car inexplicably fucked itself up by somehow bending the strut on the rear drivers side suspension. Its a 4 x 4 so fuck knows how that happened driving on the road. I got the train in this morning and had a half hour walk to collect the car. I like to find a nice rhythm when walking so I got Stayin Alive by The BeeGees playing in my head as its my go to walking song.

I got a good rhythm going and started timing my pace, 115 steps per minute. At 6900 steps in 60 minutes, just about 4 mph. I developed a theory that my steps would equate perfectly to the beats per minute in the song. A nice neat theory. I felt good walking along, kind of smug, self satisfied.

When I got to work I googled the song and its only 103 beats per minute. Shite. I was wrong. What to do? Well, I decided I’d use some confirmation bias, nobody need know about stayin alive, just need to find a song with 115 beats per minute. Low and behold Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song is exactly 115 beats per minute. I’m trialing it this afternoon.


Tutorial? :blush:


I’ve never actually done it myself but I had a quick glance at recipes online before making that post just to see if it looks do-able and it does.

@Yogi1 apparently you can make it in an Instant Pot in a couple of hours, if that helps you?


FWIW you can get chicken feet and necks on the cheap from most butchers too. They make great bone broth as well. If you want to try fish stock then salmon, trout or other fishheads are super cheap also, and make a really great fish stock.


Looks like a pretty good diet plan… Still no coffee? if not I don’t know how you do it.


It makes me feel like a crack head, and not in a good way, so it’s not that hard for me to deny myself!

I used to start work at 6 or 7am so I needed coffee to get through it, but these days I stroll into the office about 11am usually so I’m pretty well rested.


I suspect I’m not tolerating avocados quite as well as I thought, so instead I will switch them out for carrots. I’ll need to up my fats slightly to compensate but I’ll still be getting enough potassium (which was my main reason for including the avocado in the first place). I’ll give the avocado one more week but if things don’t improve then it’s gone, baby, gone.

(Avocados contain sugar alcohols which I’ve long suspected fuck with me)

This is a recommendation lifted from the Vertical Diet. As I continue to fine tune my diet to give me zero gastric distress, I get a little closer to just doing the Vertical Diet as described. I should probably just drop the money on the ebook but it’s kinda pricey.


I’m the same as you with the avocado can have a tiny bit I’m okay but half an avo and my stomach lets me know.
Lot of good you tube links from Stan about the vertical diet, you might not have to buy it.


^That’s a brilliant video. I’ve watched that and about a half dozen others.

Half the reason I would pay for the ebook is just to support the guy. I try and do that with people who give away a load of free content. I bought Dr. Scott Stevenson’s Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach not just because I knew it’d be amazing, but also because I’ve been reading his articles and putting his theories into practice for years so I figured I owed the guy something.


I’m probably overdue a goals-for-2019 post, so here it is. The main goal for this year is just some good old size. I’ll hit three ten week steroid cycles this year which is pretty aggressive but I’m getting close to 35 and I talked a pretty big game about what I wanted to have achieved by then so I’m having to push the boat out a bit.

The new diet is still good well; my digestive health I’d say is at like 90% which is realistically as good as it’s ever going to get. I can work with that and it’s certainly not going to hold me back.

Training frequency is now at 4 times a week which will continue indefinitely. Basically it’s still push/pull/legs but I’ve added a shoulders/arms workout because they are perpetually lagging (or is it just they can never be good enough?). I’ll need to spend some time specialising on my lats but that’s further down the line. If my arms aren’t close to 17” by next year then I will have really fallen short of my goal.

I’m in a pretty good place to start the year. My diet is better, I’m using the drugs more effectively and my new job is such that I’m sleeping loads better. Super busy outside of work with all the bands I’m in so that’ll mean less time spent bored (which leads to drink, drugs and pizza). I’m also more or less injury free, and have finally found a way I can get a decent leg workout that doesn’t fuck my back. God bless walking lunges and zercher good mornings.

So, with cautious optimism, I predict this year could be the best gains of my life. Time will tell.


What cycles are you looking to run?

Thats some wicked news about your gut health, have you kept the broth habit? Stoked for you man


Sorry, Jez; don’t know how I missed this.

Cycles are just test only. Everything else I’ve ever tried has come with sides I haven’t enjoyed. I do like EQ but find that it lowers my libido for some reason. If you google it then you can see it’s actually quite a common thing but no one seems to know why. To be honest, having something to curtail your libido when you’re on cycle actually probably isn’t all that much of a bad thing, but I doubt that anything that’s killing your sex drive can be doing so in a healthy way, so probably best not to.

I’m off the broth. It was just too pricey. Diet is fully locked in without any of the irritants that fuck me up (really anything with a lot of insoluble fibre) so it seems like it’s really just a case of not eating the shit that fucks with me, rather than trying to get to a stage where I can eat them.

How’re things with you, man?