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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


Haha, I’m always surprised by just how gangsta you are.

Any semblance of a plan yet?


Other than somehow managing to see every square inch of Great Britain in about 10 days? No. (She’s got the bit in her teeth on this one; the most I can hope to do is slow her down a little.)

I expect her to start making plans in earnest later this year; will keep you posted. Speaking of, if you have suggestions re must-see places in Scotland (or elsewhere), and/or if you have hotel, restaurant, etc, tips–do tell, please. There’s no beating local knowledge.


Amazing - yeah do keep me in the loop and I’ll fire over my details so we can chat properly! I’m sure I’ll be able to think of some suggestions for the Scottish leg of your journey.


Went to go buy some more special sauce and it’s 4x what I paid last time. Meanwhile, clen is 1/3 the price. I’m cheaper than my desire to have abs. Either need a new source or man up to clen.



might as well try clen once to see what you think


Not even joking, 45 minutes ago, I got a text with a 40% off code. Looks like sexy abs are coming my way.


Just start with 20mcg and work up slowly to assess your tolerance. Trust me on this.


Yogi Update

I am Godzilla, you are Japan.

Weighed in this morning at 190lbs on the nose, which is where I was hoping to be by the end of summer, so I’m a little ahead of schedule. The reason for this is I’m starting to get a little chubs. My barometer veins - which are two veins that run up my lower abs - have all but disappeared, which is a sure sign I need to reign things in a little.

So my dilemma as to whether or not I was going to cut this year has been solved, and the answer is a definite yes. Not going to do a full on cut down to shredded body fat levels, as I feel the effort for that would be counterproductive to the 3 year plan of mine of pushing for size.

To keep things reasonable in terms of sloppiness, I’ll do a cheeky 4-6 week cut in September. Not going to cut any earlier than that because August is a great month in Edinburgh what with the Edinburgh International Festival (an amazing time to visit if you can afford the outrageous hotel prices or can persuade me to let you crash on my sofa (the answer to this will likely be yes)), so fuck trying to diet during what is my drinking highlight of year.

In 4-6 weeks I’d likely lose 10lbs or so, so I’d be lean and sexy, and probably a little North of 180lbs. This means I could most likely finish out the year a lean 190lbs, or maybe a little heavier, which would be right about where I wanted to be.

In other news - today I’ve been offered a new job and purchased my first ever home. 2 pretty big deals to happen in the same day! I changed industry 2 years ago, and it’s taken until now for it to come to fruition. Hash tag life goals.

So life’s good. I’m strong, muscular, sexy as all hell and now for the first time in my life actually earning good money for a job that doesn’t require working a 70 hour week.

Oh, and you guys’ll love this! The new job requires me to have whatsapp, so I’ll need to buy a fancy new phone, which’ll obviously have a camera…


Im gunna use this gif twice in the same day unnamed

Congrats on the news mate!


We will see who are Godzilla, and who are Japan. We. Will. See.

You might as well post one, because the real reason I’m coming to the UK next year is to get a pic of you, even if I have to smuggle it out in my prison wallet. Either way, your pic is ending up on TN.


Congratulations on the job and house!


This sounds like a ruse…


Congratulations you big, sexy beast!


Congratulations mate! Excellent news.


Heroin dealer and cardboard box?


Congrats! That’s great news.


How’s the house and new job coming?

… also, shot you an email.


Both stressful but rewarding! Haha. It’ll be nice when I’ve settled into both properly. Thanks for asking, brohim.

Saw the email; I’ve responded


It’s been a year in my new house and I’ve probably just settled. Weren’t you a bellhop? What’s the new gig?


Bellhop! Cheeky cunt. I was slightly further up the career ladder than that.

New gig is selling hotel reservations without having to actually be in a hotel to do it. It’s fairly cushty although I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing which can be a little embarrassing seeing as I’m technically supposed to be the boss.

Man, the new house is going to be cool but already I’ve thought of so much I need to do to get it the way I want it. I finally understand the movie The Money Pit. It’s going to be never ending, I feel.