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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


I agree. I considered running SARMs not long ago, and even went as far as talking to my guy who had plenty positive to say about them. The. I had a think and figured I’d hold off for a bit and just go straight to gear.


Bottom line, gear is easy to get and totally predictable. Running Sarms, not so predictable. On Sarms, you’re not sure if you need an AI, hCG, and PCT - you are really just running shit randomly.

My nephew ran a SARM cycle - he’s like a buck fifty and was benching 315, but was crying like a girl - clearly his E2 was high AF. He was 20 or so, and just fucking with his HPTA but didn’t know it.

When you start with the HPTA, with SARMS or gear, you should really go with the known. And gear is the known - peptides and SARMS are dicey in my opinion.

After I got on TRT I ran a cycle, minor. Just 500mg a week of Test C with an AI, no hCG because I have kids and don’t give a shit about having big balls - tired of them getting wet in the toilet when I took a shit.

Because I am blood tested every twelve weeks, I could only run the cycle for six weeks. I ordered extra Test C online, pretty easy, and adex from the same place. I got blood tests at three weeks, my T was over 5000 - that was the max.

Weights went up, I got pretty jacked and lean. Since I was on TRT, no PCT. I went off, and I shrunk a little - but not much.

The thing is, gear is easy to get and there is so much information about running an intelligent cycle, why fuck with SARMS?


Agree with the logic on everything you say but, and please correct me if I’m wrong, in @dchris 's defence, I don’t think MK is a SARM, in that is isn’t an androgen modulator. I was under the impression its a GH secretagogue, and an effective one at that?


I read this http://www.sarmstore1.com/mk-677-nutrobal/ which calls it a SARM, but I don’t really know.


I agree. I did a bunch of researched on SARMS and decided against. Like @Pinkylifting pointed out, MK is a secretogue so it doesn’t shut you down. It’s often thrown into the SARM discussion for some reason though.

I’m waiting for the child window to close before I pop a needle into my ass.


Got it.

When I googled it, I saw it in with SARMS and am not smart enough to know different.


Aye, you guys are right; it’s a GH secretagogue.

SARMs absolutely do shut you down and are the biggest load of shite ever. All your peptide, SARMS, prohormones, etc can all suck a dick.

Just use real steroids if you want to use something (with MK being the exception - it actually works although there’s some dispute as to how long it stays effective).


As in half life?


Na, like how long it takes for your GH production to go back to normal. It doesn’t keep you pumping out growth forever, and there’s some studies that have shown you can return to baseline in as little as a week.

There’s a huge variation in how well people respond to it, so some people probably return to baseline way quicker than others. When I use it I bloat up like 10lbs and want to sleep all the time so I think I respond pretty well.


Interesting… I’m up 8lbs in 3 days and can’t raise my arm without getting a pump.


Hairy bastard.


Woah! Big scary blast from the past!

Nice to see you around here, big guy. You must be like 400lbs by now!


Haha no and thankfully not anywhere near 400 lbs. Rolling around 305 currently. But still kinda a mutant.


Mutant implies you’re still vaguely human! What you are is a stone cold freak.

Did you ever compete in bodybuilding/powerlifting whatever? I remember thinking you could do damage in both. Weren’t you front squatting like 405 for 20 or something insane like that?


Never did man. I got busy with work and traveling. I also tweeked a spinal erector pretty bad deadlifting with Tee Cummins. I haven’t gotten back into heavy deads yet still. Haven’t gone over 585 in like 18 months+.

Yeah I’ve hit 405 for a pretty easy 20 on front squat. Just hit 465 for 10 the other day front squatting. I’ve been doing a lot of safety bar squatting as of late.


Sadly, I’m not 22 anymore haha.


I saw a dude juggling in the gym today.

He honestly spent about 20 minutes in the stretching area juggling. He’d brought some juggling balls with him and was decked out in full gym gear like it was a workout.

Maybe juggling’s more intense than I’d realised.


He’s probably working his way up to this


@EyeDentist so what’s the story are you definitely coming to the UK next summer?


According to The Boss, it’s on like donkey kong.