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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


Have at it @Yogi1. You know more so you’ll probably be a lean-ish big bastard. Unlike me, being a fat-ish hairy bastard.


@Yogi1 you need to lie, cheat or steal your way to getting access to a reverse hyper.


I don’t get the hype about it. Recently had the chance to try one and I didn’t like it. Feels super awkward to lie on and use and it didn’t feel great on my back - not bad either, it just didn’t live up to its reputation.


Was it an actual reverse hyper from Louie or a knock off? Angle can screw things up.

It is the only piece of equipment out there that can get you a lower back pump without spinal loading, which is pretty awesome to me. Loading it gets your back bulletproof.


Good question. I wouldn’t know but I suppose it is not the original from Louie. That may of course be a reason.


Yeah, not necessarily the original, but at least one of his models. He has like a dozen parents on them, so companies that get away with making knock offs tend to have to change them so much to the point of changing the function.


Is the rouge a good one?

Rouge reverse hyper = $745

Louie reverse hyper= $2000


The Rogue one IS a Louie Simmons Reverse Hyper. Same one I have.


I’m also quite hairy!


So I hear, but I’ve never even seen one!


I get a lot of benefit from doing reverse hypers without any weight, and all you need for that is a bench/box that’s fairly high off the ground (although my gym does have the machine). I don’t do them routinely but I often use them if I’ve tweaked my back.


Figured you’d enjoy this:

Like an idiot I woke up and took my last dose of albuterol. I wasn’t thinking about what I had to do today. I’m speaking at a conference in an hour and I can’t stop my hands from shaking because of the damn albuterol. I’ll probably reach for some water and end up spilling like I have Parkinsons.


Haha, that’s really funny but folk’ll probably just think you’re really super nervous. I scalded the absolute shit out of my hands once trying to carry 2 cups of coffee on a shitload of clen.


Obvi never done Clen, but albuterol certainly works. Aside from the shakes, i had no other issues. Also, as long as my last dose was before 3pm, I could sleep no issue at 10pm.

From how you’ve described it, I’d take the alternative.


I’d really like to try albuterol but I don’t have a source for it. As I understand it, it works the same magic on your beta receptors as clen, but doesn’t have the same effect on your nervous system so it won’t be as effective at burning fat, but you won’t feel like you’re on the world’s worst amphetamine. I can take that trade off, personally.


I sent you an email.


cool man, it’s late here now but I’ll reply tomorrow


I dosed it just like you suggested 3-5 days on 6-10 days off, and lost 23lbs. I did a shit load of cardio and ate like Gwyneth Paltrow, but it worked. If clen is faster and burning fat, I don’t know that I’d care.


Learned an important lesson tonight:… I started taking MK again a few days ago. Without thinking, I put some in my La Croix (flame free) and without thinking my wife comes over and drinks it the whole can thinking it’s funny… she won’t be laughing when she is ravenously hungry and gains 5lbs of water.

…Good thing there wasn’t albuterol in there. She’d be freaking out and I’d have to splain myself.


Why don’t you just juice bro? SARMS can shut you down as well, you should just run a cycle.

@yogi, your take?