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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


Happy Cake Day you magnificent son of a bitch.


That’s beautiful.

Happy cakeday @Yogi1



It took me all night.


To make or smoke?


Mate, as much as I’d love you to come to Scotland, the Med would be way better!


haha, it’s actually way longer than that!


Did I show you my phone that time I met you? I totally am still using a little Nokia. Flipcollar and his girlfriend ripped the piss out of me something savage for it.


Pangy, that’s absolutely glorious! Best cake day present ever!


I hear ya, and don’t necessarily disagree…but the Mediterranean doesn’t have Scotch distilleries…or Yogi. I’m wondering if we might be able to hit up Edinburgh for a day, go to Ardbeg (and explore Islay to some degree) another day, and then head to the Med for the rest of the trip. I don’t know…just thoughts at this point. I’m still 11 months out from all this stuff. Plus, there’s two of us making this decision, which means my opinion is at most 1/3 of the decision.


If you’re a whisky fan then you should definitely go to Islay. All my favourite malts come from there. I like 'em peaty.

It’s only a couple of hours flight from Scotland to Spain, so you could quite easily do both in the same holiday. You might want to look into doing a tour of the Med. I’ve never done one and honestly always thought the idea was kinda gross, but loads of folk I know have done them recently and all love it so it’s something me and the mrs are thinking about doing soon.

Let’s round up a bunch of T-Nationers and all book the same tour! Haha. That could be fun.


Hell yeah – peaty scotch from Islay is my favorite. The lady’s father has a huge collection of scotch from every region that I’ve enjoyed sampling over the years.

I’ll definitely look into a tour of some kind. We happen to be the kind of people that likes to get somewhere and make it up as we go, though…so we’ll see.


Severely bored and unmotivated. Entertain me Mr Yogi. What random shenanigans have you been up to?


Pretty funny thing happened to me yesterday. There’s this chick at my work who I’m pretty sure is into me, so I like to wind her up by saying how obvious it is she’s in love with me and other such hilarious things.

She was in a really bad mood yesterday, and I was teasing her about being in love with me until she finally snapped and said “look, I’m not in love with you, ok? I just want to get on my knees and suck your dick.”

Left me utterly speechless.


She was that good, huh?


Pretty sure that’s the response I want to hear from any chick to any question I may have!

So uh… Did she have scuffed knees by the end of her shift? Haha


You going to bang her?

Pics or it didn’t happen.



I graciously allowed her to come over and make good on her promise. I’m a very generous guy like that.


So random work hookups aside, I suppose it’s time for a physique update.

Steroid cycle is going well. In the end I decided on doing 600mg test, and I’ve grown pretty well on it I’d say. Strength is up across the board, to the point where I’m starting to have to get creative with how I perform certain exercises.

For example, I can get rep out with the heaviest dumbbells in my gym now (not that impressive - they’re 50k) on a chest press, so instead I’ve had to lower the weight and switch up how I do my sets. It’s now more like a close grip press with a 3 second negative; pause for a second in the stretched position and really feel it stretch; explode up; pause for a second at the top. Rep tempo is a really underrated tool, at least by me, and now I can get a training effect from using much lighter 'bells. My pec tendons are so much happier too.

Another fairly significant development is that, on a whim, I decided to try this weird pulldown machine where you pull the levers apart as they come down. Never in all my days have I felt a contraction like it in my lats. I am over the fucking moon about this! Right now my training is set up to prioritise delts and arms (t shirt season is here), but I’m thinking now about how I can blitz the absolute shit out of my lats in my next training block (which’ll probably be in another month or so). My lats are so fucking shitty it’ll be nice to actually add some size to them, which I’m confident I’ll be able to do now.

Managed to dick my back a bit doing those god damn smith machine hacks @dt79 recommended (sneaky little Chinese motherfucker), so lower body training has had to take a back seat the last couple of weeks, but it’s feeling better now so as of next week I’ll be back in action. I think in the interest of safety my leg training is going to be like 80% lunges. It’s the only exercise for my lower body that consistently delivers results without fucking me up in some way.

My weight is up just shy of 190lbs, which is where I hoped I’d be at this point. My waist is still 32" around the navel, so while I haven’t held the condition I was in after my last cut (which obviously I didn’t expect to), I’m still what you would consider lean although I am putting fat on ever so slightly faster than I would like.

So it’s still up in the air as to whether I’ll be dieting down this year. As nice as it’d be to not have to, I think that it’s pretty unrealistic. I am currently in that shitty physique zone where you’re not big enough to be impressive in clothes, and not lean enough to look good naked. I hate it. Dieting over summer would suck balls so it’d not be until at least September anyway, although, having said that, if my waist got up to 34" I’d go on a diet immediately. I’ll just have to see where I’m at come September time.

The fun thing about not dieting would mean I could try and beat @MarkKO’s crazy weight gain this year. The bar has been set at 40lbs, which means I’d have to finish out the year over 210. I have been that big before, but it was a long time ago and I was fat as fuck. I was also using a lot more steroids and I don’t really want to use as much gear now as I did back then. That said - I’m older, wiser and my training and diet are way better now than they were then, so I dunno, maybe a lean (because otherwise what’s the point?) 210 might actually be doable…


Your back must be made of glass lol. I can go heavy almost ATG and there’s not even the slightest strain on my back.


To be honest, I feel like maybe I had something a bit wrong with the technique.

When it hurt my back I think I had my feet too far forward, and so was pushing back into the Smith, which has put my back into hyperextension (my back really doesn’t like being put into hyperextension).