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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


I know a guy who lifted those! He was a beast.



“Four legs good, two legs Baaad.”


If Comrade @The_Myth says it, it must be right.


Thanks man! I really hope our trip goes there, I would love to see Scotland. Edinburgh seems to be the right place to go.


Thos look kinda heavy… Haha maybe the smaller one :smiley:


Brother, I hope you make the trip! If you do then hit me up and we’ll get a pint somewhere.


I’ll do that! I hope I can convince her and my bank account, haha


What type of beer do you like? Is dark beer the most popular in Scotland?


Craft beers and ales are super trendy here just now, as I’m sure they are everywhere else. Where are you from?

I’m an ales fan myself, although I’m actually a rum drinker if I really had to pick.

There’s a time and a place for all booze though. Except tequila. Never tequila.



he looks good as a red head


So…question for ya, @Yogi1. The fiance and I were talking about where we’re going to spend all my money…I mean…go on our honeymoon. One of our top contenders is Scotland, but she’s worried about the weather. She starts Googling weather for Scotland in the second week of April. And I’m thinking, “I’ll just ask Yogi.” So I said, “I know a guy, let me ask him.”

So I’m asking. Is a trip to Scotland in the first half of April worth it, or should I put that vacation on my bucket list and visit at a different time of year?


So the thing about Scotland is you are never, ever guaranteed good weather. Not even in the height of summer. Obviously the closer you get to summer (June, July, August) the better your chances of good weather are, but April is kinda pushing your luck. It may well be dry, but it certainly won’t be warm, which isn’t to say it’d be freezing but you’d sure as hell need a jacket (and to be totally honest there is a slight chance it will be freezing, complete with snow).

Kinda depends what you want to do. Weather matters way less if you’re going to be exploring the cities, and so long as it’s not pissing rain the countryside will still be beautiful, you’ll just not be sunbathing.

The annoying thing about Scotland is that you could book a week here in the absolute height of summer and get nothing but torrential rain for the entire week, or you could come at a colder time of year and get glorious sunshine the whole time.

The other thing to consider though is that Scotland is tiny. You can easily see Edinburgh in a day or two (the only city in Scotland worth visiting), and do the countryside in another day or two. Once that’s done it’s only a short flight down to England or across to Ireland. Really, if you’re coming all the way from the US, in my opinion you’d be better off doing a few days in all of the UK (although Ireland technically isn’t in the UK, you don’t want to waste your time going to Northern Ireland. Eire is much better).

And if you do come to Edinburgh I absolutely insist we go drinking!


Thanks, man! I will definitely hit you up if we get to go to Scotland. I really like the idea of spending a few days in Scotland and then going elsewhere (hadn’t considered that). The lady really wants to go to the Mediterranean and I really want to go to Scotland…perhaps this compromise will work out.


By the way – happy cake day!


Happy cake day


So… just scrolled through the whole log (very enjoyable read on clen btw) and noticed we are approaching a 2 year wait on the promised before photos…


2 years!

Yogi mate are you still using a Nokia 3210 ffs :joy::joy:


Happy Cake Day!