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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


Beat me to it


An H - I - I - T



Ight, that’s valid, guess it’s how you read it.

Good catch!


you fools - of course I know that band tip. It’s not just the slippiness of the bench, though; it’s the bars themselves, the bench is a weird height and I can’t set my feet, and there’s this like 8 jillion watt bulb shining down that blinds me.

I hate benching in the new gym. They have good heavy dumbbells though, so I’ll just use those.

Ain’t no thang.


Exactly! Read it out loud you dildo


heh, I’m coming out with all the good insults today


What no fucking comma? No fucking period?



worked for James Joyce


And ee cummings, just sayin’.

You’re still a savage.


Dude have a snicker s


A deep fried one.


I detect the suspicious odour of thinly veiled racism


Yeah sorry, us none yanks need to stick together.


inb4 this is the next thing you try

They not only keep you in place, but they block out any light that could bother you.
win-win method.

Eddie Hall also uses them for the versatility


Bloody commie.



Should have gone with Faulkner.


Hi Yogi, my next vacation MIGHT go to Scotland, near Edinburgh (I hope it does but not decided yet with the girlfriend). Anything I need to see or do around there? Also any cool gyms preferably with strongman equipment that you know of? Are living expenses high in Scotland?


Lift the Dinnie Stones!


The revolution is on its way, comrades.

You’re either with us or against us.


Hey man, Edinburgh itself is a must see. No other Scottish cities come close in terms of touristy stuff. Glasgow’s cool but you really need someone to show you around, whereas Edinburgh has like the old town and stuff you can just wander around.

If you don’t want to spend your whole trip in Edinburgh, you can pretty much see all the historic stuff in a day.

As for gyms @ChongLordUno has a really cool one in Glasgow with some strongman kit if I remember rightly. I’ve not been there in years though. @furo uses it so he can advise better.

I don’t know any strongman gyms in Edinburgh, so can’t really advise about that I’m afraid.

Living expenses are criminally high in Edinburgh. Like, staggeringly so. The rest of Scotland isn’t as bad and actually pretty cheap (particularly in the shithole parts of the central belt, of which there are many) unless you go somewhere wanky like St Andrews (the royal family all go to uni there to give you an idea of the wankiness), but you’d never want to live somewhere like that.