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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


eurgh I hate those guys


Is that the same guy who states his credentials at the end of each post?


haha, yeah! And his profile picture looks like an advert for a dude who sells real estate


“Maybe if I impress Paul with my questions he will want to do a seminar with me!”


I don’t get much out of the leg press when I use it as a heavy movement.

Using the middle bit of the rom and keeping constant tension, not locking out or lowering too far and losing tension on the quads for sets of 12ish works for me. Playing with foot position to get the best feeling.

Nattys rule you bunch of Sted heads!


Huh? Are there any real steroid users in the thread? I know I’ve never done anything illegal in my life!


I’m not saying you lot definitely are all on steroids, but I’m 100% certain your all not not on steroids.


Agree with that, I think you have to lower your foot placement on the leg press late to engage the quads, otherwise it feels more like a hams glutes movement. 15 to 20 reps with tension seems your best buck.


Thanks for the information!
Sounds exactly how you explained it, high risk high reward.
Not overly sensitive but pretty standard anxiety
After i learn a little more on it and if i can get my hands on it, ill definitely take your advice and consume on the lower end of the mcg to see how i react
Do you find your diet has to be spot on to maximise its effects?


Me to a “T”…heh.


Damn, made me look.

Dude scores high on the unintentionally funny scale.

Looks like the type who would show up at my front door to inquire if I’m interested in a spiritual reawakening.


This and this are how I use it too. Thing about the leg press is I always feel like I’m getting a shitty ROM as my mobility sucks so hard it makes it impossible to go deep without my back rounding, so it turns into what are almost high rep partials. Not a bad thing, necessarily, but not really what I’m after.


well look at it like this: if you’re going to take a drug that can have very serious health consequences - why wouldn’t you do everything you could to get the most out of it? Risking your health and half assing your diet at the same time doesn’t make any sense to me.

I always cut hard as hell (like 1500 calories-type hell) and have always been in the depths of such a cut when I’ve used clen.

Maybe my calories being so low are part of what makes me so suicidal when I’m on clen, or perhaps I’d feel that way on a less severe deficit. Not really sure.


Have you ever tried the smith machine squat?, that’s if you have one, put them back in the mix the last couple of weeks due to lower back stiffness and for some reason my quads have been sore as hell, so might keep them in. Not sure about you guys but I am always chasing some sort of soreness after legs the following day, just feels like its the benchmark being such a big muscle group.


na never, but dt79 was preaching the benefits of a Smith hack squat which I think I’ll definitely try.


Going to have to drop bench press. Pretty devastated, but I just can’t get tight on the bench stations in the new gym. It’s really pissing me off. Fucking slippery piece of shit benches; I feel like I’m going to slip off the whole time.

So barbell bench is out and dumbbell bench is in. Will load it more or less the same way, working up to a heavy 8 (or so) then using Paul Carter’s 50% method.

Also my plan to do cardio has not exactly materialised, so as of now I’ll be doing an HIIT day and a steady state day.

So the training week will look like:

Upper day
HIIT day
SS Cardio

And repeat.

Operation Sexy For Summer in full swing.


Just thought I’d leave this here, lol. It’s actually always confused the fuck out of me.


If you have some resistance bands, you can stretch them over the bench and then you won’t slip. That’s what I do with my bench at home.


I’m in that same phase as well right now! Been actually doing some curls twice a week finally lol.


Maybe this helps.