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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts

I went with three other guys from my college volleyball team back in our early twenties. We only planned on stopping for a day, but ended up spending like a week there.

Been back three times since, it’s my favorite city in the world for all the reasons you mentioned. Glad you had a chance to experience it!

We did check out the nightclub scene. I don’t recall bouncers, but holy shit. Second only to Amsterdam for all-out swinging-from-the chandeliers, fist-pumping, pupil-dilating fun. At least back then.

And you are right on regarding the criminal element. We engaged with a few to address some specific needs we had and if they had Yelp back then, I would have given them all 5-star ratings for customer service.


Man it certainly looked that way just walking about. Loads of adverts for club nights and music festivals with all manner of awesome looking techno and shit like that.

I’d love to go back with some mates of mine and tear it up properly.

As someone living in Europe, this surprises me. Not that there is something wrong with Croatia (not as far as I know anyway because I have never been there). Still I wouldn’t have guessed that. Out of interest: Why is it so appealing to you?

It just seems like a hidden gem. The scenery in photos looks beautiful, mountains+beach is a winning combo for me. I love Mediterranean food & culture too (we have a lot of Greeks & Lebanese here in my city). The people are good looking and it just seems very relaxed. And from what I understand it’s relatively cheap when compared to vacations in other parts of Europe.

Plus it’s one of those places most people (at least Americans) don’t usually think or talk about. You always hear about vacations in France, Italy, Germany, etc. But never Croatia, so in a weird way it feels like it would be less soiled by my countrymen lol.

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Stones, not sand! At least that is what I have been told, haha. But the country side is supposed to be really beautiful!

I can certainly see why. I have been to Spain on multiple occasions (near Barcelona and to Barcelona itself) because my godfather is married to a Hispanic woman and has a house there.

Absolutely! It is a very popular holiday destination among Germans.

That is what I thought and what made me wonder in the first place.

That surprises me. Not that I don’t like it here but I wouldn’t chose my country as a holiday destination if I came from that far away.

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Really? That’s okay I guess.

I’ve lived by the beach for the better part of a decade. Even on an island which was pretty much nothing but sand, sunflowers, snakes, stingrays, and roving packs of cyotes, so I could live without sand for a bit lol.[quote=“Koestrizer, post:907, topic:221798”]
I can certainly see why. I have been to Spain on multiple occasions

That’s really cool. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that y’all can just travel from country to country like that!

Nice, that’ll make for an easier sell to the future mrs, haha.[quote=“Koestrizer, post:907, topic:221798”]
That is what I thought and what made me wonder in the first place.

I honestly just stumbled across sobre cheap vacation site one day and loved everything i saw. Bless the internetz.[quote=“Koestrizer, post:907, topic:221798”]
That surprises me. Not that I don’t like it here but I wouldn’t chose my country as a holiday destination if I came from that far away.

Man, y’all have Berlin, the party capital of the world, Octoberfest, fast highways, good food, lax sex and drug laws, and gorgeous country!

But I get it. People come from all over to Austin or San Antonio. They are cool cities but nothing particularly exciting, exotic, or foreign to me.

Sorry for that hard thread-jack @Yogi1 lol, but I imagine you don’t mind.

not bothered in the least. Whole point of this log is just to shoot the shit about random stuff



Chuckie did you speak to the mrs and get thoughts on the holiday adventure of a lifetime with two handsome Scottish party people?

I had a voicemail from Ferg saying he wants to get shit booked so I’ll be calling him back over the next couple of days and getting shit sorted


I’ve stolen @Dr_Pangloss’s idea of posting music in my log.

So! Training update (yes, an actual post about training in this log):

I’ve decided I’ve been coasting too long. That’s right - coasting. Training’s just been meh for a while now and I’ve been doing nothing but going through the motions. I am so far from my past glory it sickens me.

A girl once told me my body was a work of art. Chicks used to literally gasp when they saw me shirtless. You know what the last girl to see my body said?

“You’ve got good legs, and a pretty good body.”

Pretty good? Is that it? Not even good, just fucking pretty good?

Hell. No. That is not good enough.

So I’m taking the bull by the balls, so to speak. A holiday to a tropical country in January is motivation enough to get back into the sickeningly ripped condition I used to rock. This gives me 22 weeks. The timeline is going to look something like this:

Next 10 weeks - continue eating and training as I am. I’ve recently worked my calories out at BWx18 and that seems to be putting me in an ever so slight deficit as body composition is (slowly) improving and I’m still eating enough to get stronger. I may bump up the calories a tiny bit just to try and add a little size, but it’d only be like 200-300 cals. I’ve recently started fucking around with the barbell bench again after several years (I can’t even remember how long, to be honest) and I’d quite like to get that up to something respectable. Not sure how much progress with it I can realistically make in 10 weeks but I’m thinking 3 plates for reps should be doable.

Weeks 11 to 20 - this is where things get interesting. I’ll start with BWx15 cals and cardio. My metabolism being what it is, this should be plenty to get the ball rolling on the fat loss. Every week I shall reduce calories, until I bottom out at BWx10.

Weeks 20-22 - Full diet break. Get all my fat burning hormones back to normal by eating at maintenance. Also, Christmas and Hogmanay fall on this period so there’s not much point pretending like I’ll be counting calories for either of those.

And then boom! Holiday rippedness sexytime.

And yes, before anyone makes a smartass remark. I will post a picture.


Let’s just not make a big deal out of it

inb4 mbdix comes in and says something boring…


Anyone wants to take bets?

I think @Yogi1 should just start small and take pictures of random things and post them. A steak here, an empty barbell there, maybe a sneak picture of a foot.

You know, so he can see that we arnt big meanies when it comes to his photography :joy:


I’ll take some of that action. Feeling lucky, Ben?

Like this?


To be fair, Flip has seen you in person and vouched for you, so that goes quite a way. Maybe not far enough to cover the corner you’ve painted yourself in with all the build-up, but it’s definitely something.


oh my god I just came a little

haha, build up? I’ve been telling everyone how much I suck for years! I’ll look good lean but I’ll probably only weigh like 180lbs once I get to sickening condition (if I even get there).

I think people expect some huge big dude, which is definitely not the case.

Flip was an absolute monster when I met him. Dude’s enormous


Recomp is going well. Scary well, and I think it has a lot to do with my finally getting a handle on my digestion.

Anyone who remembers this thread:

(Ah the rds years. A simpler time)

Will know that I have struggled for years with my digestive health. Without getting too far into specifics, my digestive problems can essentially be reduced to diarrhoea. All. The. Fucking. Time.

Through a shitload of self experimentation, I’ve identified the following suspects:

-chilli (fresh, for some reason not powder)
-dairy (although not cheese which I don’t understand)
-legumes (I think it’s the fibre)
-pasta (but not bread - wtf?)
-red meat

And that’s just the ones I can be arsed to type. I suspect a few other culprits. I know, right? Fuck me.

But I don’t know for sure which of those is definitely what’s fucking me. Sometimes I’ll eat a shitload of food from that list and feel fine. What gives? So I decided for the rest of the year just to think fuck it and eat the most restrictive diet ever. No more worrying about what the trigger foods are; just eat the same shit every day you know you can tolerate.

This diet has been:

-Olive Oil
-Beef dripping (or tallow it’s sometimes called; we call it dripping here)
-Lamb as the occasional substitute for the turkey.

Elimination diet aficionados will notice that I’m pretty much just staying on the elimination diet indefinitely, but it’s not quite as simple as that. The elimination diet calls for 3 weeks of nothing but the approved foods in order to reduce inflammation before you start adding back the potential allergens. Food is far too important a part of my social life for me to spend 3 weeks only eating restricted foods, so I’ve not done that.

But here’s where things get interesting. It seems that although once (or sometimes twice) a week I am eating a food that should cripple me, it’s not doing it anymore. It’s like there’s a level of inflammation that my gut reaches where it can’t handle anything, but if you keep the inflammation low enough it can handle everything.

It’s hard to explain. Like, I can tell straight away when I wake up in the morning if I’ve eaten something that’s fucked with me the day before and I’m going to have a bad time on the toilet that morning. My body retains a shitload of water when I’m having a reaction to a food. A shitload. If I am holding the water and my stomach is feeling bloated and I eat something on the forbidden list, then it gets way worse. If, on the other hand, I wake up feeling tight, dry and not bloated, I can eat a small amount of whatever, as I’m keeping the inflammation below the threshold. When I’m bloated or watery I’ve already far exceeded the threshold so the slightest allergen’ll fuck me right up.

And you can make it work. A couple of days ago I ate a pizza that had so many trigger foods on it I was really pushing my luck. Normally it’d have crippled me for two days, but because my intestinal inflammation is way down just now, I didn’t get bloated or hold any water, let alone the crippling diarrhoea I would normally expect. Had I then had another pizza the next day, or something else verboten, I have no doubt the inflammation would have reached critical mass and I’d have had to contend with my usual symptoms for a couple of days, but I just go straight back on the restrictive diet for a few days and it’s like nothing ever happened.

But you want to know the really cool thing? My waist is down by 2 inches! 2 fucking inches despite eating in a calorie surplus. Strength is way up in the gym, sleep quality is better, and not feeling like you could shit your pants at random points in the day is a pleasure money can’t buy.


I think the idea of looking at the total load of influences rather than the individual contributors is spot on. For instance, my gf has migraines and has been on elimination diets and has kept logs of what she’s eaten, subjective stress markers, etc.

One week caffeine is causing a problem, the next week it’s fine. Likewise for alcohol and stress. Only when the entire load reaches a threshold will she get a migraine but then the migraine gets blamed on the proverbial straw (camel’s back) and not the cumulative effect of many small influences.

Kudos to you for working it out. And fuck that rds kid, he was a punk.


That’s a lot of shit you can’t eat man…

this sentence sums up my situation perfectly, and is far more elegantly put than anything I wrote.

But yeah - that’s exactly where I’m at and it seems to be working.

Dude was low-carb. Can you believe that?