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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts

Right - is this weird or am I just weird for thinking it’s weird?

So I’m in the gym today taking care of business, and this dude kind of waves at me and indicates he’d like me to come over. He’s on a bench so I figure he needs a spot so over I go.

I get there and ask him if he needs a spot. He says no, and asks if I’m usually in the gym at this time because he recognises me. I say yeah I usually work out around this time depending on when I can escape from work. He then tells me that he’s always there at this time, and asks if I’d like to start training together.

Is that weird? For him just to be like “hey man, wanna train together sometime?” Strikes me as a little weird, but maybe that happens all the time and I’ve just never been on the receiving end?

Thoughts, anyone?

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Seems weird as fuck to me, but a blow job’s a blow job amirite???


This means taking a shit, right? Cause I’m reading this as you made eye contact on the shitter and asked him if he needs a spot.


But you have been on the giving end? I personally couldn’t train bowel movements with another bloke but I’m a bit odd like that.

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while I am of the opinion that 90% of people I meet want to blow me, I didn’t get a particularly oral vibe from the guy


what are you, gay?

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Lmao I knew I was missing out!

I’m not gay but I’m not fussy… Are you in the receiving mood again :big wink: haha

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I guess you arnt in the mood :cry:

… Probably off with your new man training together!! TELL ME!!!

…no no… I don’t wanna know…

It’s not gay because $20 is $20

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I’m baaaaaaack. Miss me, ladies?

Been on holiday to Barcelona for the last while. Awesome city and holy shit the women there are incredible. I was there with my very beautiful Spanish girlfriend and thank fuck I was because if I’d have been there with a dumpy Scottish chick I would have caught a plane home in shame.

The mrs doesn’t really drink, so it was by far and away the healthiest holiday I’ve ever had. The food there is amazing too so no booze + good food + an absolute ton of walking has meant my body composition actually improved! I meant to cut down to beach readiness but couldn’t be arsed, so I went there 4-pack lean, but have come back 6-pack lean! My girlfriend was actually the one who noticed it, and said in her very blunt, non-native English speaker way: “Look at your body. You are not so fat; you have one more pack” (as in 6-pack).

“You have one more pack” made me laugh.

Definitely recommend a visit to Barcelona to anyone who’s considering it. Disregarding for a second that the weather is tremendous, the women are god damn perfect and the city itself is beautiful, the lifestyle of the people there is just brilliant.

It’s almost hard to describe what’s so cool about it, but it’s the way social life is built around food and alcohol, whereas here in the UK it’s just booze.

Like, we were in a part of town called La Rambla which is this really bustling, markety kinda place with a million bars and shit like that. There’s a criminal element too with a lot of fake gear getting punted and guys trying to sell you drugs, but I didn’t see any dickish behaviour. Somewhere like that in the UK’d have drunk people getting in fights or drinking so much they’d be throwing up everywhere, but here everyone’s just chilled as fuck sitting drinking Sangria and munching tapas. I saw a thousand bars and not a single one had door staff. I didn’t go to any clubs so I couldn’t comment on whether they have bouncers but here in the UK a pub without door staff in an area like that’d be like fucking Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

And my favourite thing was how late the restaurants stay open. You can go out for dinner at 11pm and still sit in a restaurant (we actually sat outside 100% of the time because at night the temperature is absolutely perfect) for a couple of hours ordering plate after plate of food.

It’s a lifestyle I could totally get on board with. Definitely preferential to the UK system of choke down a quick dinner at 6pm, then drink 8 beers before hitting the pub at 8pm and slamming down as much booze as possible until closing time. Way more chilled; way more dignified. Don’t get me wrong - I like a blowout every now and then but the Spanish way suits me way better.

So that’s my news from the last few days. How’s everyone else doing? Did I miss anything interesting on here?


Sounds awesome man , glad you enjoyed your holiday! Any chance we could get a physique pic yet since you have that six pack​:wink::wink: lol.

haha, you little bitch.

Far too shit looking just now, that’s for sure. If the holiday with Flipcollar becomes a reality at the start of next year though I’ll definitely have to raise my physique game, so I guess it’s not totally out of the realms of possibility that I’d post a pic then


Nice vacation write-up; you’re really selling Barcelona. I think I’ve just added it to my list. That & Croatia.

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Mate, I honestly can’t rate it highly enough. I’d move there if I could.


And the legend of yogis mysterious physique lives on, you win today sir

Hey yogi,

I actually noticed the same thing with my recent trip to Croatia. Such a better way to live. Even in the ‘burbs’ people of all ages are out and about socialising. Heaps of alcohol and prosciutto going around, but did not see one person drunk.

And the girls. My word. How do they keep so fit? None of them workout, and they eat lots of baked goods with cheese and processed meats. Maybe it’s all the hills they walk up…



Or They do bedroom cardio😉

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aye, and did you notice the guys are just as fat and shit as they are everywhere else?

My trip to Barcelona has taught me that if you see a hot Spanish chick then you should definitely hit on her. The entire country is full of guys punching above their weight so why can’t that be you?


Croatia is probably #1 on my list for my first Euro trip, everything about the country just seems so awesome! Glad you had a good time there.

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