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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts

I’ll take some of that action. Feeling lucky, Ben?

Like this?


To be fair, Flip has seen you in person and vouched for you, so that goes quite a way. Maybe not far enough to cover the corner you’ve painted yourself in with all the build-up, but it’s definitely something.


oh my god I just came a little

haha, build up? I’ve been telling everyone how much I suck for years! I’ll look good lean but I’ll probably only weigh like 180lbs once I get to sickening condition (if I even get there).

I think people expect some huge big dude, which is definitely not the case.

Flip was an absolute monster when I met him. Dude’s enormous


Recomp is going well. Scary well, and I think it has a lot to do with my finally getting a handle on my digestion.

Anyone who remembers this thread:

(Ah the rds years. A simpler time)

Will know that I have struggled for years with my digestive health. Without getting too far into specifics, my digestive problems can essentially be reduced to diarrhoea. All. The. Fucking. Time.

Through a shitload of self experimentation, I’ve identified the following suspects:

-chilli (fresh, for some reason not powder)
-dairy (although not cheese which I don’t understand)
-legumes (I think it’s the fibre)
-pasta (but not bread - wtf?)
-red meat

And that’s just the ones I can be arsed to type. I suspect a few other culprits. I know, right? Fuck me.

But I don’t know for sure which of those is definitely what’s fucking me. Sometimes I’ll eat a shitload of food from that list and feel fine. What gives? So I decided for the rest of the year just to think fuck it and eat the most restrictive diet ever. No more worrying about what the trigger foods are; just eat the same shit every day you know you can tolerate.

This diet has been:

-Olive Oil
-Beef dripping (or tallow it’s sometimes called; we call it dripping here)
-Lamb as the occasional substitute for the turkey.

Elimination diet aficionados will notice that I’m pretty much just staying on the elimination diet indefinitely, but it’s not quite as simple as that. The elimination diet calls for 3 weeks of nothing but the approved foods in order to reduce inflammation before you start adding back the potential allergens. Food is far too important a part of my social life for me to spend 3 weeks only eating restricted foods, so I’ve not done that.

But here’s where things get interesting. It seems that although once (or sometimes twice) a week I am eating a food that should cripple me, it’s not doing it anymore. It’s like there’s a level of inflammation that my gut reaches where it can’t handle anything, but if you keep the inflammation low enough it can handle everything.

It’s hard to explain. Like, I can tell straight away when I wake up in the morning if I’ve eaten something that’s fucked with me the day before and I’m going to have a bad time on the toilet that morning. My body retains a shitload of water when I’m having a reaction to a food. A shitload. If I am holding the water and my stomach is feeling bloated and I eat something on the forbidden list, then it gets way worse. If, on the other hand, I wake up feeling tight, dry and not bloated, I can eat a small amount of whatever, as I’m keeping the inflammation below the threshold. When I’m bloated or watery I’ve already far exceeded the threshold so the slightest allergen’ll fuck me right up.

And you can make it work. A couple of days ago I ate a pizza that had so many trigger foods on it I was really pushing my luck. Normally it’d have crippled me for two days, but because my intestinal inflammation is way down just now, I didn’t get bloated or hold any water, let alone the crippling diarrhoea I would normally expect. Had I then had another pizza the next day, or something else verboten, I have no doubt the inflammation would have reached critical mass and I’d have had to contend with my usual symptoms for a couple of days, but I just go straight back on the restrictive diet for a few days and it’s like nothing ever happened.

But you want to know the really cool thing? My waist is down by 2 inches! 2 fucking inches despite eating in a calorie surplus. Strength is way up in the gym, sleep quality is better, and not feeling like you could shit your pants at random points in the day is a pleasure money can’t buy.


I think the idea of looking at the total load of influences rather than the individual contributors is spot on. For instance, my gf has migraines and has been on elimination diets and has kept logs of what she’s eaten, subjective stress markers, etc.

One week caffeine is causing a problem, the next week it’s fine. Likewise for alcohol and stress. Only when the entire load reaches a threshold will she get a migraine but then the migraine gets blamed on the proverbial straw (camel’s back) and not the cumulative effect of many small influences.

Kudos to you for working it out. And fuck that rds kid, he was a punk.


That’s a lot of shit you can’t eat man…

this sentence sums up my situation perfectly, and is far more elegantly put than anything I wrote.

But yeah - that’s exactly where I’m at and it seems to be working.

Dude was low-carb. Can you believe that?

I know, mate, hence it just being easier to pick a handful of nutrient-dense foods I knew I could tolerate and just eat those.

I don’t have dietary restrictions, but I’ve had much better results by picking 3-4 protein sources, 2-3 carb sources, and 2-3 fat sources and making a diet out of those. I switch them up every few months or when I feel like it is time! Grocery shopping is also much easier this way :slight_smile:

@Yogi1 – boom! :arrow_up: And now all your problems are solved! :joy:


Crazy how something that so many people don’t even consider can cause such a problem for some… Just shows how there are SO many variables to consider, probably things we haven’t even thought to worry about that hinder or could improve our progress dramatically.

I think getting to know your body in ANY way is a big step forward and a very worthwhile pursuit, good job on what you’ve accomplished man! Interesting read for sure.

Yogi’s pretty damn smart. I don’t think reiterating info he has known for probably years, is the best way to get on his good side. Ya?

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I think it’s called ‘kissing arse’?

Dick suck?

Maybe a good measure of ego stroking?

Either way Yogi just gets to sit back and lap it up, the lucky bastard. Lol


You could call it that. Or it may be something else. The universe only knows

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yeah man, I’m so jealous of the iron stomach folks but I’m just not that guy.

I can still enjoy the good shit every once in a while, but I’ll never be one of those dudes who can bulk on shit like pizzas all the time.

Eating 3500+ cals of lean meat and rice is a total bitch!


I can’t eat stuff like pizza because while I do gain muscle quite easily and have never struggles with that, I also gain fat VERY easily and its hard for me to lose it. I was naturally around 17-19% bf before working out.

That being said, I find that nowadays I have a great carb tolerance! Last bulk my macros were 325 protein, 580 carbs, and fats varied from 60-90, next time I’m limiting them at 70 though.

I find I have NO problem eating 1 cup of brown rice per serving 4 times a day (560 carbs total in 4 cups), as long as the protein source I couple with the rice is liquid, so a cup of brown rice with 40g from protein powder OR raw egg whites is my go to meal when bulking, usually with egg whites.

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I’ve never struggled to gain muscle, I am always surprised how fast it comes on when I bulk.

You ignored the second part of that post, where I also say that I gain fat very easily as well, and I have a very hard time losing fat. I have to eat EXTREMELY clean to stay even at 12% bodyfat, and I have to do lots of cardio to get lower than that.

I’m not claiming great genetics, if I had to guess id say they were a little bit better than average.

I Would much rather be an ectomorph type who struggles to gain muscle but is always at 10%bf or lower, I have a friend like this and he is like perma-shredded no matter what he eats, I am super jealous. HE is only 165lb but he looks HYUUGE at 9% bf, and he is natty to top it off!

I would classify my body as an endo-meso with a slower than average metabolism but with a pretty good response to insulin, which is supposedly not common with my body type.