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Yogi's Random Training Thoughts


Oh, I care. My panties are knotted in a friggin bow right now! How’s mdix get an invite to see the ol yogi bears and I don’t! That’s some hoe ass shit, man!


I apologize for saying that this site is filled with chumps. It’s not a physique related thing for me.

Chump as I see it, is someone who gives the impression that they are at a high level when in fact they are mediocre. Champ=high level
Chump=acts like they are high level but are not. A person could be a chump because of their physique depending on how they have been presenting themselves. But, just because a person has a poor physique doesn’t automatically make them a Chump.


Wouldn’t the average amount be less than two though? I’m going out on a limb and guessing you’ve got a lot more men walking around with fewer than two balls than you do with 3 or more, so I figure the average has gotta be around 1.8 or so.

If so, it really makes your achievements even more impressive.


That would be a mean average, but I’m operating off of mode.

Plus, you gotta factor margin of error along with sampling bias.


You can have my invite. I am going to pass on the putting of my balls in yogi’s face. But, knock yourself out. Better yet, knock yogi out when you give him a tea bag


Can’t say I’ve ever gotten the whole chump vibe from yogibear to be honest. He just seems like a fun guy to be around and half the time he’s either being somewhat self deprecating and the other half, he’s being honest as shit. Spilling off thoughts most of us have and would agree with.

That and @ActivitiesGuy nailed it on the head when he said not having photos/training log/whatever doesn’t make you less of a member.

Unless… You’re doing this so he posts a pic so we can all see what he looks like. If that’s the case, dang, this is an unnecessary amount of effort placed into seeing a grown man almost naked on the Internet.

Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)

so you’re saying I didn’t actually meet him? lol.

here’s the thing. I don’t think you’ve read his posts enough. In the T Nation transformation thread that’s been going on, he’s been 100 percent honest about what his phyique is currently like. He’s also been honest about being a trainer. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve read any training advice he’s given that I don’t at least partially agree with. He and I don’t really train the same way, but the basic principles are similar, and we have substantially different goals at that. And ON TOP OF ALL THAT, Yogi has never claimed to be an expert.

So my last thought here, is I wonder what specifically you disagree with him about. What has he said that’s so egregiously incorrect about training? What has he told beginners that absolutely won’t work for them? As I recall, you’re a performance-oriented guy, as I am, when it comes to lifting. Yogi isn’t that and has never claimed to be.

Anyway, I just don’t see a reason to be such a dick, particularly in Yogi’s own training log.

Final thought: I remember reading your posts a lot a year or 2 ago. Whenever it was that you posted a lot. I always thought you were rather condescending, inflexible, and often wrong-headed in your own advice. And from what I’ve read, you’ve never really accomplished anything in the lifting world.


I was promised half naked pictures damn it!!! Eye candy to be exact! That shit better be worth the wait!


Yog’s, have you ever looked into getting an inversion table?

There does not seem to be much solid research on them, although I have noticed that some people swear by it. They are not too expensive, so im considering giving one a shot. What are your thoughts?



How MUCH T3? @Thiago_Monteiro amounts?


Woke up, saw “Yogi’s Random Training Thoughts (33)”. I thought “this ought to be good”, I wasn’t prepared for what followed.


I never looked to see what section it was in. I saw it in the most popular tab, or one of the other tabs. I didn’t go into training log section and find it. I just read the title as a think tank. Then read through a little and it didn’t jump out to me as a training log.


So we had a slight asshole interlude there. Usual business shall resume…



Na I’ve not but I’ve heard good things. It’s an interesting concept. I’ve never really noticed any benefit to hanging from things when my back hurts, but I have found that I can kind of pop my lower back if I lean over a table in a certain way.

If you do try one then I’d be very interested to hear how you get on with it.


Haha, can you imagine? If that guy wasn’t 1% bodyfat then is diet must have been terrible


Hanging from things or other spinal decompression techniques (band traction, inversion table, etc) are one of the things I can count on for back pain relief.
But, obviously, back pain can be caused by a large number of issues, so unfortunately there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ remedy.


Fine, I’ll get them posted in my training log for you. :wink:


Come on, I love Thiago!



Well, I went an checked it out, but no eye candy. :weary:


haha! He did have some electric posts in his time. Does he still post here? I’ve long since given up on the pharma forum