Yogi's Random Training Thoughts

Albuterol is just meh. It’s relatively mild as a stimulant and beta agonist and is just meh for weight loss. It doesn’t burn fat as well as clen and doesn’t blunt the appetite as well as ephedrine. The inhaler is useless for our purposes. I recently threw away a couple cards of 4mg pills because I thought they were ineffective.

Ephedrine is awesome. It won’t mobilize fat but I respond wonderfully to stims and it is great for blunting my appetite. Like most stims, it makes my flaccid dick shrink a bit with prolonged use, makes my trigger a bit quicker, but increases the size of my loads. Ephedrine and caffeine is my go to for weight loss.

Clen is the devil. I have a rule not to take gray/black market drugs that need to be measured to the microgram because of clen. I suffered so badly on this shit and only managed to make it 3-4 days or so before I gave up. Imagine doing blow all night then having to be a productive member of society the next morning. Except you’re constantly shaking like a leaf, random muscles are cramping hard enough to take your breath away, and you can’t eat, sleep, or fuck. That’s me on clen.Blech, no thank you.

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Agreed on ephedrine on most all-counts. I find it most useful for appetite suppression as well. Another annoyance is it seems to fuck with my prostate.

Also agree on clen sides making you feel pretty nasty; waking up with leg cramps sucks, especially when they make you yelp and shout, causing you to wake your entire family.

In general, I find that stims are only effective while you are on them… Ephedrine makes me drop water, but it comes back quickly after I stop. Essentially I have come around to the view that they are only good for a “deadline” of some sort; show, beach week/cruise, t-ransformation… The weight you lose with them doesn’t seem to stay off, unless You make other changes (i.e. Increase cardio- fuck that!, decrease cals- sucks, etc…) they are also mildly good at minimizing damage from going “off-program” (again, cruise-ship buffets comes to mind), both from the appetite suppression as well as the increased TDEE.

I really liked the mild stimulant effect I got from albuterol… It helped me focus and provided a boost at work, without causing the 100yd stare that I sometimes get from caffeine or ephedra.

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It’s a little complimicated. Once you inject for a few weeks, your own production shuts down so you won’t be supplementing, you’ll be completely replacing - it’s not additive. For the smarty pants, injected T is called exogenous, manufactured by the body is endogenous.

If you inject regularly, your natural T goes to zero and the only T you get is from the injections. 200 mg would probably get you to 1200 or so the day after injecting, dropping to 700 after seven days. Very approximate, and probably not completely accurate. It takes about six weeks to normalize due to the half life of Test C and Test E. If you’re already at 600 naturally, there would be no benefit to TRT. A cycle, of course, would be different.

Once completing a cycle, you have to restart your own T production, and it’s a risk. Obviously, guys do it all the time, but there is always a risk of shutdown.

The sides are from total T, as I understand it, and more accurately the conversion of T to E2. There can be many other issues as well, but that gets really complicated and beyond the scope of my knowledge. For instance, LH and testicular atrophy that require HCG, which can add to the total T and more aromatization of T to E2.

There’s a sticky in the Pharma thread about planning a first cycle that is very informative and pretty complete.


Effects as in fat burning. Though I wasn’t using it to lose weight, given my metabolism, I would definitely have noticed. The air gets bad over here every 1 or 2 years for about a month so I need to resort to taking a few strips of tablets a day because of my asthma.

I’ve not noticed any other effects at all so perhaps it may be an individual thing since @FatKidfromFL reacts more positively to it. This is my first time hearing of any stimulant properties.

Ephedra does blunt hunger A LOT for me.

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haha, yeah, me too. I just drop fat so god damn fast on it though! Can literally see the changes by the day.

4 days on it at a time is about my max.


…and now back to the safety of the shadows…


Tried out the new upper routine - it’s taking a bit too long so I’m going to have to trim it a bit. It’ll now be:

Bench - 50% method a la Paul Carter
Machine Chest Supported Row - rest-pause
Incline Dumbbell - 350 method
Dumbbell Row - 350 method
Machine Chest Press - intensity technique
Pulldowns - intensity technique

Lots of Paul Carter influence there.

My new gym means it’s also hard to get a squat rack, so on leg days when the squat rack is full I will do:

Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Dumbbell Bulgarian SS
Leg Press

I did that leg routine today and while I feel it does a better job of targeting my thighs preferentially over my hips (which I like), it doesn’t match the GVT front squats in terms of brutalising my entire body, so it’s hard to say which is actually the better choice. I think how I’ll do it is I’ll always do the GVT when the squat racks are free, but I’ll secretly always be hoping they’re not free so I can do the other leg workout.


And I got asked out in the gym today! There’s life in the old dog yet.


Do you have dumbbells heavy enough for goblet squats? They were my back up when the rack was busy.

That meat guy finally found the courage to ask you out, huh?


Walked into my gym yesterday and there were some fucking rings hanging in my favorite squat rack. Like Gymnastic rings, wtf.

Luckily, there are four other squat racks, but that is my favorite squat rack.

A few minutes later, the Asian girl that was dead lifting came over to my favorite squat rack and did some fat man pull up style shit on the rings. Then, she went over to the rowing machine and rowed for a few minutes, back to deadlift, back to rings.

I was pissed. How dare she do that in my squat rack.

But, she was pretty jacked, and there were four other squat racks, so I got over it. I curled in my squat rack to teach her a lesson.

Don’t think she got it.


She’s jacked but is she hot?

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I wish! Had to settle for a girl instead

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That’s a really good idea - I can do goblet squats instead of the leg press.

Never really liked doing leg presses, and the dumbbells in the new gym go up to 50k.

I’ve done it before when I had planned to back squat, rack was busy so I done leg extensions and hams while I waited, checked the rack and was still taken. Grabbed the dumbbells and worked my way up the rack doing sets of 10, ended up doing about 8 sets.

By the time I got on the rack a could barely squat a plate, mostly due to my core being fried.

Also any excuse I have not to squat I use!

yeah, the more I think about it, the more I like it as an idea.

I hate the leg press. I’ve never found one that I could comfortably use (probably more due to my own lack of mobility/flexibility than anything wrong with the machines themselves).

Goblet squats’d drill a more comfortable squatting technique, too. Not being able to load them up as heavily would mean higher reps and shorter rest, which my legs seem to grow best from.

I’m sold - leg press is out, goblet squats are in!


Literally have just read from post 950 to 1251 because I was so behind in your thread its ridiculous
Probably was already stated somewhere in that fucking bible passage you posted but why are you supposed to only cycle clen for such short periods and have similar off periods (7 on/off) etc?
Is that a personal preference or how its ACTUALLY supposed to be done?
Have been offered over and over and im still on the fence as ive seen the effects it has on lady friends (they were fucking mental) ((like more then usual))

your beta receptors downregulate really super fast. Like, in less than a week. You can take drugs like ketotifen to keep them running hot for longer, but, given how bad for you clen is, I really don’t think it’s a good idea (ketotifen is not without sides of its own, either).

Some people like to run it 2 days on/2 days off, but if you understand the half life then you’d see that by your second day off you’ve hardly cleared the clen from your system, so going back on doesn’t make any sense. I generally do 5 on/ 9 off.

Clen will rev your nervous system up to the nth degree, so yeah if you’re naturally anxious and sensitive to stimulants it’ll absolutely brutalise you, as it does me.

It’s just the classic risk:reward type scenario. You feel like you want to die, but you drop fat so fast you can see a difference in your physique literally day by day. It’s up to the individual whether or not that’s worth it.

EDIT: and if you are planning on using clen you really owe it to yourself to read that article I posted.


Such blasphemy on the day Rippetoe rose from the dead.

Honestly, if I could only do one quad exercise, it would be Smith Machine Hack Squats.

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y’know, I’ve never actually tried those! I think the Smith’s fucking brilliant though and do like it for a variety of things.

Smiths are even harder to get a shot of than racks at my gym but I could switch out the goblets for Smith hacks every now and then if the opportunity arose.

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