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Yoghurt = Protein?!

Hi this question basically stems from JB’s (godlike) articles on what the “proper” foods are to eat, meal combinations, etc…

In his example post-workout (meal #2), he tends to use “yoghurt” as his source for protein…yet EVERY brand/label of yoghurt I’ve looked at, has practically ZERO protein in it (or at least VERY small amounts compared to the carb listing)

Am I on crack? Please tell me I’m just smokin’ bad stuff.

I wondered the same thing. Most yoghurt that I buy is 10g of protein per cup along with 34g of carbs. Maybe he meant cottage cheese.

Yoplait and flavored yoghurts have quite a lot of sugar in them. However, plain yoghurt is as good a protein source as milk, and it also has lots of benefits for your digestive system. It’s also a nice way to jack up otherwise plain carbs (rice, potatoes) or raw or cooked veggies with flavor and protein without adding as many empty calories as some traditional dressings or sauces.

Yeah, I saw that too and went hmmmmmm, doesn’t seem right, I aleays thought of yoghurt as a carb source.

JB recommends PLAIN, unflavored yogurt. Dannon makes a plain yogurt with 13g P, 19g C, and Og fat per 8 oz.

Berardi seems to favor “complete” milk proteins rather than just whey or casein. Yogurt is a source of complete milk protein unlike cottage cheese which is the casein. The original MetRx protein (which used to be the standard on which other protein powders were judged) was made with complete milk protein isolate. I believe plain yogurt has a higher % protein than plain milk and has a better insulin index than plain milk.

Doesn’t cottage cheese have both casein and whey? I was under the impression that the milky, runny stuff was the whey.

Different yogurts vary (perhaps because
different bacteria consume different amounts
of carbs, or perhaps some companies add
some lactase.) Some yogurts are quite moderate
in carbs, with similar protein and carb content.

Another similar product is kefir, which
has a texture and taste more like buttermilk.
The brand I use (Lifeway) has 56 grams of
protein per quart, 32 grams of carbs, and
10 grams of fat.

Traditional “curds and whey” (like little miss muffet ate) has the casein in the curds (cottage cheese) and whey+lactose sugar in the liquid whey part. In modern dairies, cottage cheese is almost all curds and all casein with the vast majority of the liquid whey drained off. They used to throw the liquid whey out as waste until they learned BB’s will pay big bucks for whey protein. Now the liquid whey off of cottage cheese is processed for whey protein. Before processing for whey protein, the liquid whey has a huge amount of lactose in it. Modern cottage cheese is almost all casein with very little whey left in.

Oh ok. That makes sense then. See? I told you I was on crack…I’ll go to the supermarket tonight and look for the “plain” stuff…

And just to make myself look a little better, I was never counting the “sugar” yoghurts as TRUE yoghurt. I was counting the “low-fat” “low-sugar” types…but anyways, I digress.