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I'm going to be going back to my gym at home instead of the one here on campus over the summer.

The gym that I'll be going to over the summer offers yoga.

I powerlift using a Westside style of lifting.

I was curious if any other powerlifters or strength atheletes in general have found yoga to be useful in recovery, flexibility, etc?

Basically, are the benefits worth challenging my masculinity?


Dude the most important thing to take into account while considering adding yoga to your routine is safety. You dont want to become too flexikble and let your head slip into your butt hole one day.


I read too fast and only clicked because I read Yoda. I don't know much about yoga, but if you're looking for recovery, flexibility. I think something like pilates might be better. Just because it focuses less on animal names and philosophy and more on movements.

Once again, I don't know too much about either, this is second hand knowledge I'm passing on.


I have tried it and I found that a good dynamic flex routine is better. I have always thought static or semi-static was useless. I am much more limber when I do D-flex.


I do not know how yoga would be questioning one's masculinity. I am a recreational powerlifter and will compete in the future after I am done with academic responsibilities. I have VERY strong quads and erectors. If I do not static stretch daily or do my mobility drills I do find myself in trouble very quickly! You will not be so masculine sitting on the sidelines with an injury or being so stiff in the lower back and shoulders that you get tightened up just from taking a walk down the block!


I've done a few formal sessions, and although I felt silly, I got to say it made me feel better. I include many of the poses into my daily stretching. It will go a long way to relieving back pain and muscular tension. I'd advise you not to overdo it, but as I powerlifter at heart, I don't think you will. Take what you like from it, throw out the rest. If you are a young single guy, as an added bonus, this will be a great way to meet (flexible) girls.


You can't become too flexible just by accident. Ditch the powerlifting and consentrate solely on yoga - and don't listen to any of the advice the yoga instructors give you or to any of the signals your body sends you - and you might succeed.
If yoga is the optimal way to stretch for a powerlifter, I don't know.


As a golfer/strength athlete I have found that practcing yoga is a great way to stretch and recover as well as another way to release stress from the body and mind. depending on the type of yoga, it can be very demanding. as other posts have stated, take from it what you want and like anything else it can be overdone. as far as challenging your masculinity, just dont wear spandex.