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I just took a yoga class yesterday, and I swear my body has never felt so good in my life. I went to the gym today and everything felt easy. I am defenitely going to do this class once a week and I suggest to anyone who is going through a slump in their training to do the same.

Are you going to get into the rest of it (ie the Hindu religion) or are you just a sheep doing whet everyone else is doing?

You can be quite an asshole sometimes, Say. Be careful, you might go the way of Gearhead. RIP :slight_smile:

It’s probably because you’re not stretching well enough in the off days that this helped you. I do find that Tai Chi helps too fyi.

I took a yoga class a few years ago just for the hell of it. I went through all the motions and at the end, we went into a relaxing ‘corpse’ pose. I fell into such an amazingly deep sleep that they had trouble waking me up after the class was over. It was kind of embarassing, so I never went back. I was seriously relaxed tho.

Whats wrong with just doing something for fun? I didnt think that it was mandatory to become a full blown Hindu to do a yoga class.

Ignore the nobheads, Horace, i was thinking of yoga to help flexibility, v good idea in my book

Yoga is great! Go ahead and do the class once a week. I started doing yoga in the early seventies and still do some today. I start everyday with a short yoga session, followed by 20 minutes of katas and finished with a run. Then breakfast. Best of Luck.

Without the religion & meditation, etc it’s just another packaged commercialized Westernized thing. If you’re going to do a Hindu thing, do it the way the Hindus do it.

You’re right Say. He couldn’t possible get any benefits from yoga unless he converts to Hindu. I believe, like you, that we must obey all the rules and accept concepts unquestionably. We shouldn’t combine ideas from different schools of thought to create something new, like a little yoga mixed with weight lifting and cross training. That may even lead to the making of a well rounded individual – and we most certainly do not want a mob of individuals running around. That may lead to the free exchange of ideas, and worst of all – experimentation! Oh no, no we cannot have that. We must all be sure that our epitaphs read “I followed all the rules.”

When we lift, it’s only to compete, and, since we cannot be like the sheep in the gym, we have quit our jobs, hired agents, trainers, and acquired a personal chief, photographer, and steroid dealer. People like you and me cannot lift just to get a little health benefit, or “to look good nekkid,” because we know to act on something without the full knowledge of the history and culture of the act makes us sheep. In same way how could we possibly benefit from reading a novel, or watching a movie, or listening to a song, without having a full and encyclopedia like understanding of the craft of writing, the cinema, or song-writing and the music business? I never understand how anyone can get behind the wheel of a car without at least a masters degree in engineering!

Perhaps one day you and I will goose-step our way down main street and tell everyone how they should live and how they couldn’t enjoy anything without following the rules. Until that day, you and I shall just shake our heads in disapproval at all those sheep that insist to live by Walt Whitman’s saying “I am large, I contain multitudes.”

“another packaged commercialized Westernized thing” Sigh. Are you american or canadian? If the yoga worked then what is the problem. Thereis no need to go and bath in disease ridden water. And i think it is kinda funny that all the middle eastern countries are buying into the commercialism as well. There is a reason to it. Because it works. I don’t want to make this a religious debate but common.

Get over it Say. If he gets benefit from it taking it as far as he wishes to, it no ones business but his own. God, some fundamentalists are so narrow minded.

The yoga movements are probably making you use, and strengthening, a lot of seldom used stabilizer muscles. Pilates, Tai Chi, martial arts, would probably also do the trick…

I don’t know why just because you got a good result from yoga that people have to get all hot and bothered. Yoga may be the “flavour of the month” right now, but as long as you’re getting results, who gives a shit.

I’m a martial artist. Does this mean I should become celibate, take up vegetarianism, and join a Buhdist monastery?

Nathan, you really need to open your mind to other things. Doing yoga will increase flexibility, and help you stay relaxed in times of stress (mental and physical). By staying relaxed, the muscles are allowed to move with less resistance. Less resistance equals increased power and explosivenss, which in turn leads to bigger lifts. It can also aid in recovery.

One thing however, like martial arts, a yoga class is only as good as the teacher.

Just a thought, working out and stress cause you to release cortisol, which is a no-no. Yoga allows you to relax negating the effect of cortisol. Give your dome somthin to think about

Ko: The fighting munks is allowed to eat meat so you will not suffer that much :slight_smile: