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Yoga; to Try or Not to Try?


So friends of mine said my perverted ass would love this. And if I want a real work out to give it a try. Not to be so close minded thinking everything starts and ends at the barbell.

This is how she described it to me. 20 - 30 women. All in some kind of tight fitting clothes. All doing lots and lots of nice perverted positions.

But she says here is the catch. Its in 40 degree *C heat. You are forced to sweat your ass off. While giving your muscles a good stretch for long periods of time. I though this could really help since I lost some mobility since I started lifting.

Another part thinks why not just stretch really good like when I was in Kempo. And wtf is with the heat? Is this all what its cracked up to be? I am pretty hooked to the idea of women with tight clothes and there asses in the air.

Anyone try this?? Is it a bunch of hooplah or is there something to it? Guys or Gals?


It's called hot yoga, what you're referring to, and if you can get past losing a bit of dignity, it has a million and one benefits...focus, stress release, the list goes on and on.

I've always wanted to try, but can't get past looking all white guy dance up in there.


Why would you lose dignity by doing yoga?


Come watch me do a one legged king pigeon pose and you'll have your answer, johnnytang.


Yoga is just stretching with some eastern philosophy thrown in to sell it to soccer mums.

Some stretching instructors are really good and can help your strength, balance, flexibility and will give added relaxation benefits.

Other stretching instructors are not well educated about the human body and will have you use stretches that can be bad for you. This is because you do not want flexibility in every part of your body. Your lower back for instance should be trained for stability, not flexibility. Other positions can put undue stress in areas that you wouldn't want it.

Also, some instructors really focus on static stretching and holding poses, or movement just in one plane. Whilst this is good, it should really be complemented with dynamic flexibility work in all planes.

Bodyflow and Ginastica Natural are good for this (though harder to find)

As for the hot girls thing, that really depends on the class. I have seen yoga classes with stunners in and classes with fat middle aged hippies. Personally I find enough opportunities to bump into hot women without having to pay for the privilege.

p.s. When I say Yoga in the begining sentence I am refering to what you get at most gyms. I am aware of Yoga as a religious meditation, described in the Vedic Samhitas dating back several thousand years. I am pretty confident that this is not what the OP was refering to.


Worth a try. Increased flexibility is always a plus.


All I know about yoga is the purpose is to "awaken the Kundiline (sp?)" or some shit lol. That last word sounds like this Coon-de-lean-e


No it's like Chi or Shakras or something.


Screw just doing yoga, think I will become a freakin' teacher. This older woman is a yoga teacher at my gym and also teaches near some of the richest suburbs in Michigan. Drives a black sl500 Mercedes and is independently loaded!

She keeps bugging me to join. She's ripppped as hell for her age, think I'll join and try to seduce her to be my sugar mama:D!


Man a buddy of mine has a legit "sugar momma" it really pisses me off lol. She's a VP of an airline company, like once a month she'll send him a $500 and she will fly him down to Florida for a weekend so he can fuck her. It's some bullshit I tell you!

For his birthday this year, she mailed him a 3k check and 2 gallons of Jack Daniels...fucker.


Yoga can fuck up your lower back. The one where they heat the room up is called Bikram Yoga, and is not offered at MOST gyms, it is more of a studio thing. Go to the one at the gyms, as the class is included in the membership fee, so you won't waste any money - that shit is fucking expensive if you go to a studio. At most gyms, there are lots of hot girls in the class, but if you want to fuck them, you have to view it as a long term investment, cuz there are SOOOOO many guys that just take a class or two and try to hit on all the chicks.

The way to do it is, tell them that your GIRLFRIEND suggested that you take the class. Go regularly, and get to know some people. THEN after a month or so, "break up with your girlfriend" and ask for some moral support. Say she had to move for school or something, otherwise they will think you fucked up.

You will have bypassed their automatic defense mechanisms, shown that you are a good, safe guy and make no mistake, they WILL have thought that your "GF" is lucky to have a guy like you... And now all of a sudden you are available.

It is like a feeding frenzy in the class at that point, if you pull it off correctly. Bonus points if you can get them into Tantra...

This is a WIN and well worth putting in the time for. Just be careful NOT to fuck your back up. The warrior pose is great for stretching your hip flexors, BTW...

I love yoga class....


Yoga is fucking awesome when you are stoned.


My only issue with yoga is using it for strength development. It obviously will help develop strength, but since it's entirely isometric, it's hard as hell on the CNS. It makes me think that you're probably taxing your CNS more than your muscles.

I honestly can't prove any of that, but I've tried yoga on a few different situations, and I just didn't like it. I felt like my CNS was exhausted and my muscles were unchallenged by it, and I'm not super strong, at least by the standards of most lifters.


That's tantra.


Well, the way i see it, there are approximately 20-30 reasons to go to that yoga class! On top of that, you got tight clothing and in the midst of all that your supposed to work on something called flexibility.


I tried that yoga in the sauna room once, and while sweating like never before, I noticed how people were barefoot on the industrial carpet. I didn't think much of the yoga, other than it made me feel more flexible, and that there is plenty of nice ass to look it in the class, but had to comment to the instructor how unsanitary it must be to have all these people sweating on this nasty carpet. Not kidding you, the place smelled like a sweaty gym sock rotting in a locker.


To the OP, I did Bikram yoga for about a year and a half, then I found better use for my money. Not that I'm saying there are not benefits to it, I just have fitness ADD when it comes to things that are tooo repetitive. That also leads to overuse injuries.

On the plus side, if you're going to improve your flexibility, you're on the right track. The heat makes it easier to stretch. Know you're limits, don't try outdo the person next to you. It's okay to sit out a pose. Nobody is gonna call you a pussy.. :stuck_out_tongue:
Watch out for those spine-compressing poses like Camel pose, fixed firm pose will do a number on your knees if you lack the flexibility and to try to overreach. The standing poses involve alot of hyperextension of the knee joint....not advisable.
If you decide to go, make sure you're properly hydrated. That heat is not to be taken lightly.

There will be womens asses in the air, but there's a chance yours will be too :smiley:


I had an instructor in a Bikram yoga class tell me that I couldn't drink water during the class. At that point I left realising I knew more about flexibility than she did. (didn't make a scene, just quietly got my stuff and left)


Not to try. Just lift your weights and leave that stuff to hollywood liberals.


Drinking during the practice actually isn't good. Hydrate the whole day prior to going.