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Yoga Revisited

I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on Yoga. I’ve been thinking of starting to practice some Yoga due to very poor flexibility, and it just seems like an intriguing way to complement lifting four days a week. I wondering: what type of Yoga would those of you who perform recommend? Also, is there any evidence of mass gain, fat loss, etc etc. ? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

The problem with yoga is it may make you too flexible which may compromise your strength. I’m not saying you should not stretch, but at the same time you don’t want to feel as loose as Gumby.

Nothing wrong with being loosened up. Yoga is largely determined by practice and if you are already lifting 4 days a week - you are not going to turn into a flapping celery stalk overnight!

Renegade X did Yoga for a couple years while he was putting his foot back together - I doubt its hurt his performance.

to reeshdawg:

Whats wrong with being too loose will that hinder the process of muscle growth. I doubt it. I don’t see a problem w/ that. Although I don’t believe Yoga promotes muscle growth. I think it great for adding it into your program.

Thanks for the input guys.

While we are on the topic: what’s the consensus on Pilates???

Pilates have both flexiblity and strength in there work-outs. Give it a try its a great work-out.

Yoga’s not a bad thing, but the problem I faced is
that, like many of us here, I get fixated in getting
results I can see in the mirror. I have a good book
called Yoga for athletes (can’t remember the author)
and it has some great stuff, but after trying to work
it in time-wise with the gym I had to choose
priorities. Of course, the gym won. Get into it
What I would recommend is getting a good reference
book and finding a few good positions which you are
weak at and want to improve in (no more than three)
and just do these few stretches after each workout.
You can do this following the basic principles of your
workout construction… just set aside 10-15 min.s at
the end of your training and work on this. You can
rotate and alternate movements and positions the same
way you rotate exercises. One thing’s for sure…
after trying some serious yoga, you will have newfound
respect for those skinny, little yogi-dudes.

Also, doing this at the end of the workout really
helps me to calm down and relax again. Great for
peace of mind, especially if you train in the mornings
like I do before work.
Hope this helps.

I substituted my cardio day with Bikram yoga. It’s a hell of a work out and is pretty good for strength trust me. Worth a look.


Thanks again for all the input.

One of the biggest guys at our local gym is also one of the yoga instructors! He teaches Power Yoga and is very, very flexible as well as very muscular. I think he’s evidence that the two are not mutually exclusive. Yoga is great for increasing your flexibility but will also increase core stability and mental focus, both of which will improve your lifting. There’s nothing to loose and everything to gain by adding yoga to your workouts.

I’ve been doing Yoga at my gym for about a year now. It’s improved my flexibility greatly (I don’t know how anyone can claim that’s a bad thing). I haven’t noticed muscle gains from it, but being more flexible makes me much more comfortable when lifting. Meaning I never feel like I’m going to pull something from not stretching out properly.
I’d recommend taking a Yoga class, not learning from a book. Yoga is all about form and its very hard to learn that from a book. A good Yoga instructor can make it much more worth while.

Var is probably right about the instructor… don’t have the time or money myself, but it would probably be worth it if you did.