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Yoga Powerlifting Combination

I have had a 3 year lay off from heavy lifting due to a shoulder injury. This coupled with other nagging injuries from serving four years in the Army. During that time, I have tried many different methods for rehabilitation and yoga with a combination of strength training are giving me the best results.

My current stats are:

Age: 25

Sex: M

Height: 63 in.

Weight: 156lbs

Best lifts(3 years ago at 165lbs)

Bench: 345lbs

Squat: 440lbs

Deadlift: 495lbs

I am finally starting to be able to train heavy again and plan on competing in powerlifting. Much training will mainly consist of powerlifting with accessory lifts to build overall strength and continue to heal previous injuries. I will be lifting 4 times a week. I will also be doing hot yoga multiple times a week at a studio. My goal is to have a national qualifying total by the end of the year and compete at the Arnold Classic. I am unsure of my current max lifts but I plan on finding those out slowly as I don’t want to re-injure myself when I’m still having some shoulder instability.

My diet isn’t extremely strict. I eat mainly a high fat, moderate protein, low-moderate carb diet with some shakes sometimes after workouts and as meals. I also don’t eat bread except a few times a year on special occasions, I don’t want to be that weirdo. Most my carbohydrates come from either fruits or sweet potatoes and I eat some form of vegetable at pretty much every meal. I don’t count calories
and listen to my body for when to eat (If I’m hungry I eat, if I’m not I don’t force feed myself).

I will be posting pictures on here soon, with occasional videos on progress. I will post the routines as they come because I am not decided on anything at the moment.

Thursday: 75 min Yoga Hot Flow Session

Friday: Leg Day

First time deadlifting in almost 3 years so I was just seeing where I am at. I was also teaching my girlfriend how to deadlift so the workout was a little shorter than I liked.

185 x 10(warm up)
225 x 5
275 x 5
315 x 5
365 x 5
405x 1(Form started to break down so I didn’t want to push it)

Hamstring Curls:
70lbs 3x12

Hip Circle exercises:

I do a combination of squats then slow steps to the side for 3 sets.

Saturday: Hot Yoga 60 min

Sunday: Shoulder and Back

Bodyweight pull ups (5 seconds up with a squeeze at the top and 5 seconds down wide grip for 3 x 5 then narrow grip for 3 x 5)

Low Cable Row: 100lbs 3x12

Shoulder Press Barbell Seated: I used 65 lbs for various reps. My shoulder is still not moving correctly and with 65lbs was the highest weight I could use with proper form.

Shoulder Press Dumbell Seated: 45lbs(each) 2 x 12

Side Raises: 15lbs 2 x 15

Rear Delt Flies: 30lbs 3 x 10