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Yoga for Grappling


I have been doing some different yoga styles to see which one best supplements jitz. I would be interested to hear what people think is the most transferable to their ground game. I like the look of Vinyassa free flow yoga and am looking for a studio in my area.

Anyone have experience with vinyassa or any other?


I would choose based on which one had the hotter women.




Yeah, I thought of doing yoga to stay loose and stuff, but honestly it doesn't which I do as long as I get plenty of TnA to check out.


Bikram (hot) yoga. Fat girls hate to sweat like that, fit ones wear booty shorts and sports bras.


Ive tried some yoga

most put a big emphasis on breathing and liking it to your movement

some are more athletic and use a variety of props blocks bands, etc
the blocks can modify the movements to make them easier
and they can make the movements much harder

Hatha is pretty basic but is very good for breathing- and linking it to positions and movement
they call these locks

iyengar is part of hatha these guys use the blocks-
I found it good for rehab the blocks are like 3x4x8" of foam or close to it

often they have you put the block between your legs- squeeze the shit out of it
and touch your toes- gets your hips aligned
you can flip the block 3 ways- to make it harder or easier

here is a vid of some very basic block work

this is the style with the sun salutation
very common poses and breathing- I liked this one alot
its like agile 8 or something similar with controlled breathing

really the breathing and moving together is probably the biggest thing





I have been doing iengar yoga, the one which uses blocks, straps, foam rollers (noodles), chairs and bolsters.

Yoga helps with overall flexibility but it is not the only way to improve flexibility. Improving it surely benefits the ground game.

The thing that stands out for me regarding yoga effecting my grappling is that I am better at managing my energy since starting yoga. Specifically by being more aware of my body, I actually relax un needed muscles until they are needed as opposed to being in a constant state of tension all while rolling. This way, after relaxing some parts I can be more explosive with a burst of energy that would not have the same explosiveness without the previous rest.

On the flip side, it has balanced or reversed some of the tension and alignment issues that BJJ causes.
For example tight quads, pelvic tilt and bowed legs.
It seems when we are in certain positions a lot, we tend to hold those positions to some extent after we are finished using them.
A good yoga instructor will notice these imbalances and correct them with either an opposing movement or position or a stretching or a stimulating one.

IME the yoga corrects the postural and symmetrical imbalances that combat arts create.

It has helped me further rehab some injuries after PT was completed. It has really helped reduce and almost eliminate knee pain from hamstring tendon strain and meniscus tear. Before yoga I would walk 3 blocks and be in pain, after 6 weeks of yoga I could walk indefinitely without knee pain. To a smaller extent it has helped my ROM in other areas.

These are my experiences, your mileage may vary.



I seem to recall reading an article quite some time ago in which one of the senior Gracies strongly recommended yoga as a supplement to BJJ. They seemed to feel that the breathing and relaxation techniques learned in yoga helped a great deal while rolling. For some reason, I think the article may have been written by Paul Vunak, but he was quoting one of the Gracies. It may have been Royce, if memory serves.

I doubt it matters which version you do.


Rickson is very into Yoga and has been most of his life. You can see him practicing yoga and breathing techniques in the movie Choke.


Franks Shamrock has also been a big proponent of Yoga for grappling.


Mark this day... because we're in complete agreement.


This thread has been dead for a while but I still feel like throwing in my two cents.

If you are up for a seriously intense workout you should check out Ashtanga Vinyasa, it's a variation of Vinyasa. I'm not a fan of Bikram because I personally don't enjoy working out in a 105 degree room but if that is your thing, you can torch some serious calories! I've always liked Iyengar but finding classes is nearly impossible (well, here at least).