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Yoga Complementing Weights


Anyone do yoga to compliment their strength routine?

I've started doing some poses with my physio to try and sort out my bulging lumbar discs.

I'm getting muscle soreness in my spinal erectors all the way up to my neck, in my lower traps, hammies and glutes.

I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone else thought some poses were helpful and whether the strengthening of these postural muscles was helping.

My favourite position so far: the pidgeon, coo coo!


Bad idea for you are wanting to do. Get the right help. I would go to an ART professional. Preferably one that is also a chiropractor.

Not sure what else one would really need yoga for. I have a couple of dvds and only really used them a couple of times. There are much better ways to accomplish anything you might want to get from yoga.

Mobility - do specific mobility work.

Flexability - stretch. even though it doesn't seem tredy these days it makes me feel a lot better. I have a couple of stretching routines from gymnastic sites.

Cardio - do cardio

GPP - weights, kbs, strongman stuff.

Goofy chants and meditation - ok, maybe yoga for this. or tai chi.


As above find an ART qualified chiro.

Dan John highly recommends Bikram/ hot yoga once a week to really stretch tweaked hips and backs-worth a try.


How about release from the wheel of samsara?


I have been doing more conventional stuff as well but I think you guys might be missing the point a little. The yoga strengthens postural muscles not prime movers that you can't really target doing weights. It's like doing bridges for for TA and there are lots things resemblimg traditional core exercises like bridges and bird dogs in there.


well that's all fine and well, except that your problem lies with the vertebrae. Bulging discs, you said. Improving postural muscles can be a help, but the last thing you want to do with disc problems is to be flexing the freaking spine. Read some of Stuart McGills stuff and Eric Cressey's stuff. You want stability at the injured spot. postural strength is great too, but you don't want to be flexing already damaged spinal segments.


None of the postures involve flexion.

Most do involve extension though. I remember hearing that flexion followed by extension is terrible but what about just extension?


Holding extension is a common treatment for back pain, especially disc issues. The McKenzie posture for example.

However yoga is way to general to be used for a specific purpose like that. Especially if you want to target inactive postural muscles (if they aren't inactive...target them with weights).

As for seeing a chiro and art for bulging discs, that just might be the LAST thing on the to-do list of bulging discs.