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Yoel's Rippotoe Log

Although I started on Feb 27th, 2008. I have stayed loyal to my excercising and eating habbits. I use the T-Dawg diet which is 6x a day eating and of course using the Rippotoe log.

Just to save time and boredom I have been curious as to my progression difference, meaning… has there been any significant change in my program? I wanted to get some judges to look at my profile and look @ My before & after, skip the middle month (march) and tell me if I am making changes at a significant rate or if it could be a lot better in a 3 month period.

My goal is to simply eliminate more body fat while gaining some muscle in the progress. I want to get rid of my moobs (which have been going away) and define my arms, legs, back & abdominal area a lot more. It just feels like, squats, deadlifts, benchpress, bent rows, military press, alone will not just do the job?

This is my cardio which I do 5x a week including right after my workouts :

3x10 DIPS
3x10 SitUps (With Weight Resistance)
2x15 LEG Raises
20 Minutes broken of : 4 minutes walking, 6 Minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training 30 secs sprint 30 secs walk) 10 Minutes of jogging.