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Yo Regulars, The Brotards Are Gone


looks like its business as usual , the brotards are mostly gone
back to regular discussion.



next time Lunchbox hands fights, think it'll be as bad?


It will get progressively worse up to his next fight. Just wait till everybody catches wind that he's in talks with Kami to train in the Room of Spirit and Time.


I almost just fell outta my chair at work laughing dude. Fucking hilarious.


Glad its Back to just the 36 chambers here....

and yes it will get worse- the prefight shittalk
will elevate him to 5 deadly venom status.

Big Boss that is some funny fucking avatar
nice fucking work



Sucker M.C.s get thrown in the gravel pit after elarning the mystery of chessboxing?

That's my attempt at wit


LOL. "Brotards." Awesome.


I cant take all the credit
My man came thru with that one.



I just wanted to stop by this thread and tell all you posers that Brock lesnar is the best heavy weight out there! Peace bitches!


i wanted to cosign.



he didnt' get it.



shit they are still fuggin here.



Anyone that thinks Brock is legit is a brotard? The only thing worse than Brock nuthugging is Brock hating. Sue me for being optomistic about a big, fast, strong wrestler and hoping he continually improves his MMA skills. And if this is all basically in jest, I apologize for getting MY panties in a ruffle. I just like to see honest open MMA discussion.

Having people think one guy is supirior and having others who think he sucks is what makes these discussions lively. If we all fucking agreed on every fighter, the threads would be much shorter and much more boring. WAR brock going into the hyberbolic time chamber or even training in 100X gravity.



pat on the back

Nobody is faulting anyone for believing Brock is legit. I believe he is legit..many others will agree. Fault lies in those whose put out these ridiculous arguments and points as if Brock himself is untouchable. I understand the man-crush that many like yourself are having....but it should not prevent realistic perspectives and them doing their MMA "homework" on fighters,skills,etc.

Perfect example being the ill-based idea floating around that because Lesnar "survived" a supposedly,botched shooting star press....he can take anyone's hardest strike and shake it off. He's damn near impossible to KO...etc. It's hilarious and sad at the same time.

In order to have...or continue the honest,LOGICAL MMA discussions..some need to be honest in what they actual know about this sport. But in all seriousness,this thread was just done in jest for the recent "infestation" of GAL/SAMA posters who decided to chime in with their expertise on all things MMA after Brock claimed undisputed HW belt. It's only natural. No different than any other group of sports fans.


big hoss boss- is that Capt. America in your avatar?


See, sometimes I'm happy that boxing isn't as popular anymore.


OH,no...its Norman Osborne as the Iron Patriot in Dark Reign storylines. Kind of a political,symbolic thing I got going on in this head of mine.


Serious MMA fans were in awe when randleman dumped fedor on his head in a flying suplex and how amazing and indestructable fedor was for surviving such a blow and not only that turning the fight moments later and finishing randleman with an armbar. It is essentially the same if not more impressive for brock to jump off the top rope and land on his head like that. he probably weighed as much as both randleman and fedor at the time and he jumped off the top rope, so the force must have been incredible on his head and neck. Does it mean his chin has been tested, no, the biological reactions to the impacts would most likley be different. But if fedor can be praised for his toughness in a similar situation, then bringing the failed shooting star press up when considering brocks toughness is valid. Heck it's the only thing we really have to go on because so far no one has tested his chin.

Also just because someone hasn't previously posted in this section doesn't mean they are just now becoming an MMA fan. I agree that some of the new posters in this section are probably new MMA fans. I just hate lumping together, classifying and name calling alltogether. There is plenty of that at sherdog, and if there is anything I love about T-Nation, it's that our forum subsections do not act like the rest of the net.



The only thing you have to realize is that this subsection is made up of a small number of people who train, watch, eat, breath, and live boxing, MMA, or martial arts. For a lot of us, this is our lives, this is what we do.

So if there's arrogance coming from the forum, it's because a bunch of affliction wearing fucktards who wear Guido night vision goggles came in and invade when there's a big fight on, and they try to tell the people who have been rolling/wrestling/boxing/fighting for their whole lives how things REALLY go down.

Nothing will create a backlash quite like that...


what the fuck is a shooting star press?


The Ultimate Warrior was a better Pro Wrestler than Brock.