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Yo Edmonton Schmucks


The Canadian weightlifting national championships are being held in Edmonton, Alberta this weekend. I think there were a couple people on here from Edmonton (or there used to be, anyways), figured I'd give a heads up on the opportunity to come down and check out some of Canada's top lifters, show some support for your fellow iron enthusiasts, make some inappropriate jokes about the snatch and clean and jerk.

There's a couple of olympians on the start list, so there should be some big numbers put up. Men's weight classes up to 105 lift Saturday, all the women and the superheavyweight men lift on Sunday. I think there's a $5 entry fee or something (apparently we're too popular so we're trying to further discourage people coming to watch by charging them to do so).

If you want some more information (schedule, start list, location [Saville Center, if I'm not mistaken]) you can find it here www.albertaweightlifting.com




Without referring to google, can you yanks please explain the origin of this word and why you enjoy using it on the webz and TV.


I'd be out to watch if I wasn't working. I am spending my weekend running around a parking lot teaching people to ride motorcycles though so not this time.



Yeah, you were one of the people I had in mind when I posted this. Too bad. I didn't lift great but there were some other guys who did pretty well (a buddy posted a video on facebook of an 85kg guy attempting a 189kg clean and jerk, cleaned it and just missed the jerk).

This is the first time nationals have been in Alberta in decades, and who knows when they're coming back, so I felt obliged to give a heads up.


Normally I'm a little tired of the snatch and clean and jerk jokes to be honest, but that was funny.