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where you at ? i haven't seen you on the forum for a while? just wanted to see how things were!

happy training and productive workouts to yah!!


Shhhhhhhhh! Don't wake him up. He is probably having one of his wet dreams. I'm sure he will give us all the details when he wakes up.


LMAO!! Avoids Roids! you read my mind.


This is Timbo heyah...I'm not certain of the relationship between the parties involved and my man Dre, but I didn't like that one too much. Anyway, I heard from Dre earlier in the week and all is good...the brutha's just a busy mofo...with the ladies, with the weights, with grappling and with work. He'll be around;-)


Sup all. Muchos gracias for the wake up call FFB cause Im fadin a little. I am poppin in from time to time but my vixen situations/exploits have been complicated/added to greatly since my recent efforts on the forum to have fun with them such that I feel my contributions here will be tainted by them and not as provocative and inspirational as is expected of me :wink:.

As for AR (details will be provided but not solely for your envy) AND the coy forum vixen, dont let up cause Id be more bored by you and think even less of you if you didnt stay true to your beliefs (even though you are again sorely mistaken and boredom inducing :P).

On the vixen front, I should thank Whopper and Timbo and other forum members for their considerate help to get me to tighten up with one girl. All I can say is that Im tryin real hard to hang with it but the deal is this ... my girlfriend of maybe 3 weeks returned from 2 weeks OS last night (no names pls for those that know) and clarified her recent ambiguity about things by confirming she is certain she wants to give it a go which I am going to stick with. I have today reiterated this in phone calls from Jocelyn (ongoing involvement from last post and genuine mutual feelings) and Jennifer (intelligent, engaging, scrupulous and calming texan new since last post) without any success in closure or finality. This probably isnt helped by the fact that I really feel alot for all of them (although somewhat more for my GF)and really just want to be with the one that looks like the longest term happy relationship etc prospect. I turn 31 tomorrow - :0 - and know my time management during the day will get complicated and I will probably suffer due to recent events - I suppose ill have to take that like a tman if it happens. Worse still, Ive been home 2 nights out of seven and am getting between 2-4 hours sleep per night like some sick experiment in cortisol overdosing and adrenal gland thrashing and its scaring me because without any stimulants Im still functioning around 90% and training quite well.

As far as training goes, I still lifted 4 times last week (new PBs of 24 chins and 3x3x260 dls), ran 3 times, and wrestled once including 2 matches and my first W. I know it sounds part nonsense and part flounder f@#* but thats where I am. Future training wise, I am starting a programmed week of active rest and hope to soon start a super explosiveness program incorporating olympic lifts (ala Lions Den) and Snatch Lunges, Box squats etc as advocated by the Coach and Kelly. Right now though, Im leaving work (my forum access) to try to get some sleep. To all the t-dawgs in forum land keeping it real, stay true - DRE.