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Yo-Be Lean Cream

Dan Duchaine’s old company Essentials,Inc. carried a yohimbine transdermal cream for spot reduction but I can’t find it anywhere. Has anyone tried it? Was it taken off the market due to certain legalities or due to Dan’s death? Dan also had suggested at one time to empty a yohimbine or Adipokinetix capsule into DMSO cream and apply it that way. I want to try something like it until Biotest’s Alphosol becomes available.

Yes I have tried it. I used it during the cutting phase of my 3rd competition. It seemed to be-Ok…My BF was quite low and I placed 2nd in the state, but I think it was due more to the tweaking of my diet, so it was very difficult to assess its effectiveness, it might have made a slight difference. I would probably not buy it again, it certainly wasn’t a magic cream for me. I hear theophylline based creams help.

Virago, I was planning on using it the last few weeks before a show this spring as well. Did you try the actual Yo-Be Lean Brand? Do you have any idea why I can’t find it? Thanks a lot.

Yes it was the actual Yo-Be-Lean. I got it over a year ago from the old Mesomorphisis site I think, or a link from there.I would speculate that it was not in great demand and probably had a low inventory, so when Dan died that was the end of it. Also I noticed that my jar grew mold on the cream after about 4 months so maybe it does not keep too well ( granted it was in the bathroom). If you feel that you are “holding water” and more than fat in some spots, most models and fitness chicks use preparation H for puffy eyes or spots that jiggle a bit much I have used it and it works well. OH MY… I am really giving away the secrets now.

I used to use this stuff a year or more ago. When I went back for more, my (U.S.) supplier told me that Essentials had stopped producing it because they could no longer source the Yohimbe cream from Europe (Italy, I think). Why that was so I never found out. It may have been EEC legal issues - yohimbe is not available OTC in the U.K. for example (I used to buy mine from the States before MD6 came along - I don’t think the MCA (the U.K. equivalent to the FDA) ever rumbled that it contains yohimbine).

I used Preparation-H for both shows I’ve competed in and I thought it worked great because I got too heavy in the off-season and had loose skin. I’m a big Dan Duchaine fan and I wanted to give the cream a try but after the feedback I’ll just stick with the hemmoroid cream. Thanks for the feedback!

How often do you guys apply the preperation h. And for how long did you use , and what results did you see from it? Thanks guys

The deal was Adipokinetix and Triax mixed into Ben Gay. My fiance tried it, rubbed the stuff on his hands and then decided afterwards he needed to twinkle. Yeowieeeeee!!! The problem is this stuff stank big time. So we tried some arthritis cream. I used it on my thighs twice. It’s very difficult to mix and you always had this sort of sticky grainy little mess. Maybe Ben Gay or DMSO cream would have negated that, but I couldn’t very well go to work smelling like that. I stopped using it after a couple of tries because my panty hose refused to go on over it. So much for one of Danny’s home remedies! But he sure did come up with some stuff, didn’t he?